Little Caprice

Little Caprice - bamboo

Little Caprice is probably one of our most popular models! She looks so amazing in rope, but sadly enough she never shoots any rope bondage except with us. She is tied with a big bamboo stick behind her elbows so her posture draws attention to her perfect cute boobs. Don’t miss this update with Little Caprice! Join now and download all of her other updates too!

Little Caprice - hogtie progression

The famous Little Caprice only gets tied up on this website! We are so honored she trusts us enough to do this kind of shoot! If you need a custom bondage video or picture set with Little Caprice, just email us, we can get her to do it, and make your dream come true! This time, Caprice is shown a hogtie progression. Locked in her metal collar, she looks confident at first, but when the tie progresses, she gets more and more concerned. She knows it’s too late when the hogtie is complete. Caprice can only struggle a bit, but she won’t go anywhere!

Little Caprice - elbow tied and gagged in prison!

Possibly one of the best models ever: Little Caprice! She rarely shoots bondage anymore, but we managed to get her into our prison in a super tight elbow tie! It’s incredible to have this famous girl in our cell, and even more incredible that she is able to handle the toughest bondage positions! It’s hard to think of anyone more perfect! Caprice loves struggling and protesting, so we gagged her too. That way she could just go wild in our cell, her elbows slammed all the way together behind her back. She knows she could never escape from those ropes, but she sure was going to try!!

Little Caprice - harness gag hogtie

The best models in the world, in bondage! Can you believe we have tied Little Caprice so many times already? She must really like it! Well, we know she loves a challenge and a good struggle, so putting her in a harness gag hogtie should keep her busy for a while!

Little Caprice - 200 updates!

To celebrate 200 updates of girls tied in rope, we have a special girl for you: the awesome Little Caprice! She doesn’t shoot with many other productions anymore, so it is quite rare to get her tied up. Which is a shame, because she is really flexible. Her elbows can even be tied all the way together, our favorite skill. The only problem is that Caprice really doesn’t like elbow bondage. It’s too frustrating for her, because her wrists are free but she still can’t escape the tight ropes.

Little Caprice - Split and struggle

Woooooow! This is a unique update! No one actually knows that the famous Little Caprice is super flexible! She didn’t even tell us! But when we tied her to the black couch, she did a full split without a problem! I will repeat that: LITTLE CAPRICE IN A FULL SPLIT! An extreme bondage position! You have never seen this world class porn starlet so vulnerable! She’s ballgagged too! Oooh, this is the best of the best, don’t miss it!!

Little Caprice - Backstage

Little Caprice!! If you haven’t joined this website yet, now is the time to do so! We have got Little Caprice is super tight elbow bondage! She is not just a famous adult starlet, she also loves to experiment, and bondage is one of her favorites! She is so flexible and sooo cute! The video shows you how she posed for the pictures in the picture set, it is amazing to see her move in this extreme position!!

Little Caprice - Box tied on the couch

Sweet Little Caprice is all tied up on the couch, even her legs and ankles get tied, so there’s no escape for this poor tiny girl! Her boobs look great in a box tie though, and seeing her all defenseless is pretty exciting to say the least!!

Little Caprice - Strict elbow harness tie

Little Caprice is not happy with the strict shoulder harness that is bringing her elbows very close together. Needless to say, she tries to escape… and she does a real good job… until she realises that she can never untie her own elbows!

Little Caprice - Into pink rope bondage

Yes, that’s correct! We have Little Caprice and we tied her up in pink rope! We even gagged her with a shiny pink ballgag! This girl is gorgeous, and even more so in pink rope bondage!