Yelena - elbow talent hogtied

The most elbow tieable girl at the moment is Yelena! The proud Eastern European girl is not a diva, she is super friendly and easy going! She lets herself get tied up by me time after time, as she is my elbow muse, and I like working with her a lot! Yelena keeps coming back for more, she loves a good stretch, and she knows she will always get elbow tied by me. Hogtied in beautiful rope, Yelena can’t help but smile, she is so happy when she gets elbow tied!

Yelena - so flexible

Yelena is so flexible! She can be elbow tied for an unlimited amount of time, which is very rare. Her slender arms and former dance training make this possible. She has very flexible shoulders. ‘Oh, and I can also do the splits’, she mentioned casually. That’s crazy! Her legs are flexible too?? Yelena keeps surprising me!

Yelena - elbow bondage strappado

Yelena is getting better and better in bondage! She is so flexible! A year ago she was still very reserved and she had a bit of a dominant attitude. No one would tie her up! Look at her now, she really enjoys getting tied, especially if it is challenging enough. Yelena is also a very popular custom video model now, so if you want a video with her, just let me know!!

Yelena gets elbow tied

Yelena and her amazing arms are back! It will be her first hogtie and she was pretty nervous for it. But after I tied her wrists to her ankles, she quite enjoyed wriggling a bit to test her bondage. Of course, I had to come in and tie her elbows too! She did not expect that, but with such flexible arms I just couldn’t resist. Now she was tied up a lot tighter, Yelena’s eyes really lit up. She liked it a lot!!

Yelena - elbow tied

Can Yelena be elbow tied? The posh spoiled girl doesn’t really seem like she can handle anything when you first meet her. But she is actually super talented! Yelena is incredibly flexible and her elbows go together like butter! This is her very first time having her elbows bound. It’s inescapable, but Yelena tries to get out anyway. ‘Such a strange feeling!’, she commented afterwards. Yelena is always available for new challenges and your custom requests!

Yelena - reverse prayer

Tiny slender Yelena is very new to bondage. She is a bit hesitant, but she really enjoyed this reverse prayer position. I think she can handle much tighter ropes, but let’s not scare her. Yelena is very elegant and pretty, and I am sure she will be back for more, so I can try other positions with her. What should I try next? I think she can do elbow bondage too!