Oxana - first time elbow bondage

The first sensation of having your elbows tied together is surprise. Oxana is very new to bondage. In fact, she has never been tied before! But I noticed her flexibility and wanted to test her. Oxana wasn’t afraid of the harness gag, strangely enough she loved that one. It does look super cute on her! The elbow bondage was soon getting challenging, and Oxana felt a bit scared. She was brave though, dealing with all the strange sensations for the first time. I released her after a short time, and then I tied her harness gag to the back of her chest harness, pulling her head back. She didn’t like that as much, giving me the finger. But it was all in good spirit, Oxana loved her first ropes! She wants to do more soon, so if you have a custom request for her, just write me!