Natalia Forrest

Natalia Forrest - the perfect damsel

Natalia Forrest doesn’t really like to be a damsel in distress. That’s why she is perfect! Great body, lots of fun to tie up, and she will struggle and complain a lot. Which is very amusing to watch! She is a real damsel with quite a lot of distress! I will never get tired of tying up Natalia Forrest (but I think she will).

Natalia Forrest elbow tied!

For more than 10 years we have worked with Natalia Forrest, and she never told us she was flexible enough for elbow bondage. Well, obviously it is very wise not to tell us, but we found out anyway! And now we know, Natalia is going to be tied like this a lot in the future. She was quite angry, and struggled wildly. She wishes we never found out!!

Natalia Forrest - nude in rope

Natalia Forrest is pretty hard to tie up. She doesn’t really like it and she keeps complaining. She also loves to roll around and struggle, and she actually manages to get free a lot of the time. But with her wrists and ankles securely bound, this bondage should hold her… we hope.

Natalia Forrest - pool bound

‘Come on, let me tie you up!’, I said to Natalia Forrest during her holiday. ‘Nooo! Let me tan, go away!’, she said. So I tied her to her pool chair. Natalia Forrest was very angry, but since she could still tan, she did not fight back too hard. Look at her perfect body restrained in the sun, she is so stunning!

Natalia Forrest - tied by the pool

Natalia Forrest wanted to enjoy the sun on this beautiful day! She even planned going for a swim later. But that did not happen because we found some pool colored boat ropes and decided to tie her up pool side! It wasn’t bondage quality rope, but it certainly did the job! Natalia Forrest was wriggling and moaning, but she could not escape! This was going to leave some strange tan marks on her!

Natalia Forrest - simple elbow tie

Yes! We captured the gorgeous Natalia Forrest again! We just love her struggling, and her frustration with bondage. So restraining her elbows and leaving her wrists and legs free is a perfect mind fuck for Natalia, she will be even more frustrated that she can’t free herself! Ok, that’s a little mean, but we love her!

Natalia Forrest - Tied to the wall and cleave gagged

A new way of tying turns out not to be very secure, as the clever and sexy Natalia Forrest finds a way out of her bonds! She says she doesn’t like to be tied up, but why does she keep coming back?

Natalia Forrest - Crotch roped in purple

A new sensation for the gorgeous Natalia Forrest! She is tied up good in purple ropes, and one of the ropes is a crotch rope! Natalia is a big struggler, so let’s see if she gets herself excited!

Natalia Forrest - Ring gag and pink rope

The beautiful Natalia Forrest in an interesting pink rope tie and a tight leather ring gag! Gorgeous setting for a bondage afternoon!

Natalia Forrest - Tied up in yellow

Natalia Forrest can struggle! She is not too happy in a tight boxtie, even though we put her on a beautiful bed and we used nice yellow rope. Natalia doesn’t care, she wants out! Let’s see if she can escape!

Natalia Forrest - Bound in blue

UK glamour babe Natalia Forrest can’t believe she has been tied up! The blue ropes are holding her wrists, ankles, knees, and elbows together! Superb couch struggling by one of our favourite rope victims!