Milestiba - hair tied

Cute Milestiba wasn’t able to come to our studio. No problem, we just went to her house and tied her up there! A nice tight elbow bondage hogtie on her own bed! We added a big ballgag and a hair tie to make her completely helpless! Milestiba loved it! She squirmed around like she had a chance to escape (which she didn’t), and she had a lot of fun! It was a tough tie, but she is a fun young girl who can handle a good challenge!

Milestiba - tied tight

New girl Milestiba said: ‘give me the tightest you got!’ Well, we gave it a try! Elbows completely slammed together, wrist tied, hogtied, gagged, hair pulled back… this is some very tight bondage for a new girl! Milestiba may have gotten a bit more than she wished for, but we got exactly what we wanted: a cute girl in tight bondage! Her struggles are awesome, although she couldn’t move much of course. Don’t miss this impressive debut!