The best reverse prayer in the world

I have seen a few pictures of this girl a long time ago, and now I finally have her on my website! Lulu, the girl in the white dress, famous for being able to do an ELBOWS TOGETHER reverse prayer. She is incredible! This is so rare, you don’t want to miss this! Her friend Mei (in the blue dress) is not bad either! Both girls are in a reverse prayer walking through the woods, and they end up tied between two trees, still in their reverse prayer ties. If you are an extreme bondage fan, you have to see this video!

A forest walk with Lulu and Mei

Talented Chinese bondage models Lulu and Mei are so elegant! They are wearing their dresses and heels even in the forest, tied up in a classic Chinese tie. Wrists crossed behind their backs, they just keep walking and walking, it is quite amazing how they can keep their balance and elegance! Outdoor bondage is so much fun!