Keira - open leg bondage

Poor cute Keira is completely defenseless as we tied her arms to the bed frame. She tries to struggle, but we soon tied her legs wide open so she couldn’t move much anymore. These upper leg ties work really well! Young Keira was really exposed and vulnerable, tied in this very explicit pose!

Keira - tiny elbow talent

Keira is a very tiny girl. Even wearing her tallest heels, she is still cute when she tries desperately to be sexy. Keira is one of our elbow talents, her arms go together behind her back without any problems! We picked some nice pink rope for her, but Keira doesn’t want to be tied with pink rope, she is really trying to shake this cute image and she hates it when people call her cute and adorable. Maybe that’s why she is struggling so hard?

Keira - a new bondage girl

Yes, we found a new talent: the gorgeous tiny young Keira was curious enough to get tied up, and she turned out to have some skills! Her elbows go all the way together very easily, and she is tiny and cute, a great combination! With this great metal slave collar locked onto her, she looks so perfect in the red ropes! Sure, it is a tight bondage for a first time, but Keira managed. She is determined and very tough! Watch her struggle in the video, you will love her!