Katie Thornton

Katie Thornton - secretary tied

Huge boobed Katie Thornton is our latest secretary. We don’t seem to be able to hold them for very long. Maybe they don’t appreciate the hogties that come with the job here at Tieable.com. How can we resist roping Katie Thornton though! She is amazing! And when she is hogtied, she can’t even put her head on the desk, so she has to keep her head up all the time. Great position!

Katie Thornton - reverse prayer!

You would never expect Katie Thornton to be this flexible! Yes, we tied her into a reverse prayer, and it is spectacular! Don’t miss this update of Katie with her hands pinned high up between her shoulders. Imagine how vulnerable she is in this position, her huge boobs are up for grabs and she is totally unable to defend herself. So hot!

Katie Thornton - purple chicken wing tie

We love Katie Thornton all tied up and defenseless. And a chicken wing tie makes her pretty helpless! She is so stunning in purple ropes, her big boobs bulging as she struggles to get free.

Katie Thornton - boob support

Katie Thornton! She just keeps getting tied up. And it is not hard to see why! She is just one of the hottest girls around at the moment, and her spectacular boobs are really asking for lots of rope! Katie gets hogtied all the time nowadays, when a year ago she had not even been tied up with a simple tie. Katie’s boobs actually help her during hogties, supporting her and keeping her back arched and her head up! Very nice!

Katie Thornton - big boob hogtie

Poor Katie Thornton can not even rest her head for a minute! It is not fair, really. Other girls can put their head on the floor in a hogtie, but Katie’s boobs are so huge, her back is arched and she is a perfect little package, supported by her big breasts. Perfect pose, no escape, just a little wiggling. There are disadvantages to having huge boobs, and this is one of them. Katie will get very tired soon!

Katie Thornton - spread eagle

You have requested it! And here it is! Katie Thornton spread eagled and boob bound. Imagine the things you would and could do if you found her like this in your bedroom! Katie Thornton, all helpless and spread out!

Katie Thornton - Big boobs in pink rope

Katie Thornton!! She definitely has the hugest boobs we have ever seen! Time to wrap those gorgeous breasts in some pink rope! Katie is quite new to bondage, but we have a feeling she could be the next big bondage star! She is funny, flexible, and big boobed! Totally tieable and gaggable! What more could you wish for!