Katarina Hartlova

Katarina Hartlova - strappado struggles

Whenever I can tie up Katarina, I start with her boobs. Of course! How could I not? Katarina quite likes her boobs tied, it gives her some support to help her carry those giant natural breasts around. What she doesn’t really like, however, is having her wrists tied. And she hates gags! It’s awesome to see her struggle in this strappado position, her huge tits swinging wildly as she protests through her ballgag. Definitely a must watch!

Katarina Hartlova - frustrating spread eagle

I tied Katarina Hartlova to the bed in a spread eagle position, and I dangled a magic wand from above. Katarina really wanted to feel the vibrations, but every time she moved, the magic wand swung away from the good spot. It was very frustrating for her! It’s beautiful to watch her try different techniques to get the magic wand onto her clit. In the end, she was so angry at me, I almost didn’t dare to untie her. She is a force of nature!!

Katarina Hartlova is determined to free herself

We did a sloppy tie on Katarina Hartlova to see if she could get out. She does not like having her enormous boobs tied, so we figured if we did that anyway, she would be more motivated to escape. Roping her wrists to her upper arms was quite funny, seeing this big breasted girl flapping her arms like a chicken, her boobs all exposed and vulnerable. Do you think she got out?

Katarina Hartlova - chicken wing hogtie

Those huge natural boobs of Katarina Hartlova just need to be tied. Problem is, she does not really like to be tied. She protests and struggles. So we had to gag her AND secure her hogtie to the ceiling. And even then she made a lot of noise and she moved around a lot. Is there no stopping this incredibly hot woman? She is one of the most spectacular models we ever tied up! Don’t miss this update!

Katarina Hartlova - chest harness

Well if there is one girl in the world to do a chest harness box tie on, it is the amazingly spectacular Katarina Hartlova! We are so glad to have the opportunity to tie her, she is truly amazing! She is very relaxed, open, and she loves bondage! With those huge natural boobs, we couldn’t wait to let her struggle. Katarina gives all, and she can’t escape. But it is lots of fun to see her boobs jiggle and shake as she tries to get out of these green ropes!