Dani - breast bondage

Dani just wanted to sleep when she saw the bed, but we had other plans! We were making sure she wouldn’t go to sleep at all! We tied her boobs to the canopee bed frame with green rope! Her elbows and wrists were tied very tight behind her back. Dani complained a little, but don’t worry: we ring gagged her. Lots of drooling!! Enjoy!

Dani - boob bound - harness muzzle gag hogtie

The fun and kinky Dani still has perfect boobs for boob bondage! She really hates the fact that we always pick her for these kinds of ties, but it’s her own fault for having nice soft natural boobs! Of course, tying them tightly and then making her lie down on them is a little evil, but don’t worry, Dani loves bondage predicaments!!

Dani - White rope and ball gag

Dani from the UK is the definition of ‘tieable’!! She is incredible, her elbows go together like soft butter, and her natural soft boobs are the perfect shape for breast bondage!! On top of all that, she can take a large ballgag! We want to keep her! Great stuff!