Cobie - spread eagle neck rope

Cobie was so excited to do some rope bondage! She had been stuck in her chastity belt for days (read about it on ChastityBabes.com), and she was a little bored. Nothing gets her more excited than rope bondage! She wanted me to tie her spread eagle to the bed, and she even suggested adding a neck rope to make it a little more exciting! Cobie just loves bondage so much! It’s great to see her struggle, knowing she is really into it!

Cobie - Harness gag struggle

For some reason, bondage model Cobie (from Australia) came to us wearing a chastity belt. And she told us she could not take it off as part of some deal with the good folks over at ChastityBabes.com. She had been wearing it for days! It looked very cool, so we did not have any problems with it. Nor did we mind that Cobie wanted to use her own harness gag. She is just so addicted to anything bondage!! It’s very easy to tie her up and she loves squirming and struggling, so needless to say we had a great time! Don’t forget to check out the other update in which Cobie tied up Megan!!

Megan - tied up by Cobie

We are very proud to have Cobie as our guest rigger today! She has been on this website as a model, all tied up in rope, but did you know she can rig too? She will tie up the gorgeous Megan in pink ropes! Such a hot scene, don’t miss this!! If you are wondering why Cobie is locked in a chastity belt, just head over to www.chastitybabes.com and read all about it!

Cobie - Black rope bondage talent

The Australian Cobie needs no introduction! She is a well-known bondage model and she has appeared in lots of rope bondage productions. She was here before, but she always loves to come back for more, especially if her elbows get tied. Elbow bondage, that’s Cobie’s speciality! She is just so good at it, struggling around on the floor in a hogtie! Enjoy!

Cobie - Harness ballgag hogtie

Beautiful bondage model Cobie from Australia is one of the toughest girls we have ever met! So we tried to give her a challenge by putting her in a very strict harness ballgag hogtie! Cobie even brought her own harness ballgag, believe it or not! Elbows tied, crossed ankles tied to the top her of gag, Cobie isn’t going anywhere soon! Nice!