Birdy Dee

Birdy Dee - Ring gagged on the counter

A neat little box tie in harsh hemp rope and a tight ring gag seems to be just right for our gorgeous Scottish girl Birdy Dee! This marble counter top is icy cold, but she will never be able to get off this without hurting herself! A beautiful hogtie!

Birdy Dee - Lost in the archives

Poor Birdy Dee! She is lost in some huge blue archives, tied palms out with blue ropes and gagged with a blue ballgag. This is some very intense and tight rope bondage! Birdy Dee is looking for a way out, but she is very lost, and she can not call for help…

Birdy Dee - Pink ropes and ballgag

Scottish fetish model Birdy Dee, all tied up in pink! A pink ballgag makes sure she does not complain about it.

Birdy Dee - Purple strappado hogtie

Scottish bondage model Birdy Dee is completely helpless in this purple rope strappado hogtie! A big black ballgag makes sure she keeps quiet about her difficult predicament!