Bad Dolly

Bad Dolly tied to the wall

She calls herself Bad Dolly, but we think she is cute! Especially when she is gagged with a huge ballgag! Her eyes tell us she is not happy about that though, and she would take out the ballgag if she could. Unfortunately for her, she is tied to the wall. She will have to escape her ropes first to be able to remove that huge gag! Can she do it?

Bad Dolly - tight elbow bondage!

Bad Dolly is extremely talented. Her flexibility is quite amazing, and she has good tieable boobs too! The mint green boat rope is a little harsh and thin to use, but it allows for better breast bondage and tighter elbow cinching. Doesn’t Dolly look extremely cute and helpless, tied with her elbows all the way together? She can’t do much at all, and when we gag her, she’s reduced to moaning and a tiny bit of struggling. But the best thing was: after this shoot she immediately asked when she could come back! We love Bad Dolly!

Jezebelle, Bad Dolly - boob bound

Updates that cheer you up! Like this one, with some booby girls in bright colored rope! These best friends were pretty excited to get tied up together, and they thought it was pretty interesting to have their large boobs tied. It’s a strange firm feeling to have your boobs tied, and Jezebelle and Dolly were very intrigued. They bumped their boobs against each other to find out what it felt like (as they couldn’t use their hands). After a while they wanted out though, but we left them in this bondage for quite a while to enjoy the view! We hope you enjoy it too!