Ariel - tight gloved elbow bondage

Flexible busty Ariel is back and she is wearing some incredible lingerie! Sexy long gloves match her vintage style outfit perfectly. Now we just need to find a way to tie her, with no hope of escape. Ariel is capable of handling the tightest elbow bondage, so we just add a super strict rope to her gloved arms. It will be enough to keep her restrained, there simply is no way she can reach the knots. From the front, it looks like Ariel has no arms, that’s how tight it was. She struggles and struggles, but there’s no hope. She knows it, but she just loves struggling!

Ariel - gorgeous body struggling in rope bondage

Ariel! Wow! She is so fit! One of our favorite bondage models, Ariel is flexible, she has huge boobs, and she can take big ballgags! We couldn’t ask for more, it’s always exciting to tie her up and watch her struggle. Ariel is not very experienced, but she likes a challenges, and every time we tie her she puts in a lot of energy and effort. Ariel moves around shaking her big boobs, trying to get out of the elbow bondage, but she’s not getting anywhere. The big gag looks so good on her! Don’t miss this video and picture set!

Ariel - pink

Beautiful young Ariel wanted to get tied up and gagged! Her boobs are perfect for a nice chest harness. First time rope girls often get tied with the pink rope and gagged with a pink gag. They think it is somehow easier, less scary. Well, we are here to help! Ariel got tied up in a nice tie, and she struggled and drooled all over our bed! She loved it so much, she will be back for more!