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Liz and Blondie - a strappado predicament

Liz Rainbow and Blondie Fesser are in a bit of a predicament today! It’s pretty complicated, but they have to stay on their toes because their crotch ropes are tied to the ceiling. The strappado ties put them off balance, and as they try to tip toe precariously toward the center to get some relief, they are making the other crotch rope tighter and the strappado higher. Now let’s see if they are really good friends and stay at equal distance from the center… or will they let their friend suffer to make it easier for themselves?

Katia - tied in the stables

Beautiful Katia was getting ready to go horse riding when she got captured. Now she is topless, collared, and tied in gold colored ropes! She isn’t very happy about this situation for many reasons. First of all, she is a real lady, not used to being treated like this. Also, the ropes are really inescapable and tight. And on top of all this, she can’t go horse riding like this!! Katia tries to give us the death stare, if looks could kill we would certainly be dead already. She is so angry!!

Dana tied and gagged on the bed

Russian girl Dana wanted to try some ropes! She is awesome, so easy going and fun to tie up. Dana really liked struggling on the bed, and she was already planning how to escape the ropes. But she isn’t really experienced enough yet to work out how to undo the knots with her fingers. A black shiny ballgag kept her mouth open. Later she said it was one of the most interesting helpless feelings she ever had!

Scarlett Hope in a tight hogtie

The beautiful Scarlett Hope is here to get tied up! She is very talented, her elbows easily touch and she has a nice back arch. Her arms are behind her back in tight ropes, secured to her body with a waist rope. She is also crotch roped! We ended up putting her in a tight hogtie with a rope tied to her harness gag! This girl is awesome, we would love to shoot more with her!!