Katia - lady in red

Beautiful Katia has been published in all the big magazines, and we can see why: great slender body with long arms and legs and a stunning face! She seems fragile. Can she handle some ropes? Katia reckoned she could. So we tied this gorgeous playmate in red ropes to match her outfit. She didn’t expect to be hogtied! And she needed to go to her next shoot right after this, with big ropemarks on her wrists and ankles. We don’t know how that went down, but we hope Katia’s curiosity didn’t lose her a job!

Katia - tied in the stables

Beautiful Katia was getting ready to go horse riding when she got captured. Now she is topless, collared, and tied in gold colored ropes! She isn’t very happy about this situation for many reasons. First of all, she is a real lady, not used to being treated like this. Also, the ropes are really inescapable and tight. And on top of all this, she can’t go horse riding like this!! Katia tries to give us the death stare, if looks could kill we would certainly be dead already. She is so angry!!