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Yasmine - reverse prayer in black

Sultry playmate Yasmine is secretly posing for our website. Secretly? Yes, her modelling agency does not allow her to do bondage shoots! Yasmine is not her real name obviously. She just loves the ropes so much, she has been with us since the beginning! For years, we have tied up her gorgeous body, and she is just stunning and flexible in every position. One of our favorite positions to do with Yasmine is a reverse prayer! This time we tie her in black rope to accentuate her gorgeous shape! Check out her struggles!

Velisa - hogtied on the table

Velisa is a sporty girl, but can she take our predicament challenge? With nowhere to rest her head, she is hogtied on the table. She can not move and she has to keep her head up, because she is hovering over the floor with her head. She will get a great workout for her shoulder muscles (elbow tie) and her neck (nowhere to rest her head). Her jaw muscles get some exercise too, being gagged for this long. Well, she said she was sporty, so let’s see if she can keep this up!

Liz Rainbow elbow tied!

Liz Rainbow! She is such a colorful girl! Last time we saw her, she was blonde and we tied her in blue rope. Today, she has purple hair! Liz has had all hair colors in the world, that’s why they call her Liz Rainbow. We decided to test her flexibility with an elbow tie… in all the colors of the rainbow! This was a very hard tie for Liz, but she managed it! She struggled and struggled in her colorful ropes, it was so pretty to see, don’t miss this update!

Bad Dolly tied to the wall

She calls herself Bad Dolly, but we think she is cute! Especially when she is gagged with a huge ballgag! Her eyes tell us she is not happy about that though, and she would take out the ballgag if she could. Unfortunately for her, she is tied to the wall. She will have to escape her ropes first to be able to remove that huge gag! Can she do it?