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Vika - trussed up

This little tie is perfect for our Vika. Last time she thought it wasn’t tight enough, so this will sort her out. She is tied with her hands in a strange position, pulled high up to her torso ropes, her hair tied to it so she can’t lower her head. Her legs are frog tied wide. Vika is ballgagged, and we are just sitting back to see her squirm in this trussed position! Download the video to see how she did!

Sophie hogtied and gagged on the massage table

Tall model Sophie is back! She has a Master now who keeps her collared and belted but he agreed to let her do a quick shoot in ropes before locking her back into her metal gear (check her personal website here). We love this fashion model so much, she is stunning! Putting her into a hogtie on the massage table is a great way to display this beauty! Sophie looks even better with a nice shiny red ballgag! She was afraid to struggle too much, but she looked amazing!

Jezebelle - breast bondage

Jezebelle is back, all by herself. Before, she needed her friend Dolly to gather enough courage for a bondage shoot, now she came alone and she said she was ready for more rope! But when we started to tie her, she asked why her boobs always get tied, when other models don’t always get this treatment. Well, that’s because Jezebelle’s breasts are just too awesome to have no rope around them! She is a perfect breast bondage subject, and she knows it. She doesn’t like it, but she understands.

Yana - tied up in the woods

Yana loves to play, and her favorite fantasy is getting kidnapped and tied to a tree! So much fun! We chased her through the woods, her arms already in a box tie. It was easy to catch this naked girl, she couldn’t run very fast on her bare feet. We tied her to a tree and gagged her! Yana thought it was the most amazing thing ever, and she already emailed us to play some more! What a girl!

Lana - first time in rope

Lana is a secretary in real life. She always dresses very nice, with lots of jewelry and high heels. But now she is showing an entirely different Lana: a submissive girl who wants to try rope bondage. She is a perfectly tieable girl with awesome round boobs that are firm but still soft enough to tie. Breast bondage, box tie, and ball gag. That’s what Lana wanted to try and that is what she got! She is so pretty in rope! Let’s hope she will come back for more!