Yana - box tie positions

Yana is back again for more bondage! After being hunted in the forest, she is now back inside, and she is in another box tie! Yana loves ropes! She tries out different positions she can still do while in a box tie, until we tie her ankles. Surprisingly, she can still move around quite a lot! Yana is so pretty in ropes!

Yana bound in the forest

We had lots of fun with Yana running around in the woods, her arms bound behind her back. After chasing her for a while, we decided to tie her arms in a different way. Yana ran off again, playfully challenging us. We easily caught her and tied her legs too. Now Yana couldn’t run anymore. What a great day in the forest!

Yana - tied up in the woods

Yana loves to play, and her favorite fantasy is getting kidnapped and tied to a tree! So much fun! We chased her through the woods, her arms already in a box tie. It was easy to catch this naked girl, she couldn’t run very fast on her bare feet. We tied her to a tree and gagged her! Yana thought it was the most amazing thing ever, and she already emailed us to play some more! What a girl!