Sylvie - hard elbow bondage

Every time we see Sylvie, we have to pinch ourselves a few times. Is this incredible fashion model really letting us tie her up? Her incredibly face and body are so awesome, it is hard to believe she would ask us (time after time) to tie her up REALLY tight! She is so flexible, we just HAVE to tie her elbows together. She loves it! Even gags are no problem for her! You will never see this beauty on other rope websites, so enjoy her struggling here (and don’t forget to watch the past updates with Sylvie)!!

Sylvie - Super tight elbow bondage

Poor Sylvie! She’s so flexible… it’s tempting to tie her elbows really tight. Her own fault really, for being so flexible. And so damn gorgeous! We used a lot of rope on her elbows, for extra security and to spread the pressure so she can be tied a lot longer. That gave us time to add a cute little white ballgag. Sylvie struggles a lot, but with her elbows tied this tight, she will never get out!

Sylvie - Harness gag hogtie

Gorgeous fashion model Sylvie has been captured again! This time she is bound in a cruel elbow tie, she can barely move her arms enough to give us the finger! She will have to be punished for that, of course! Harness gag it is! Tied to her ankles, this gag makes for a really extreme hogtie! Struggle all you want Sylvie, you are not going anywhere!

Sylvie - elbow tie

A simple elbow tie on a naked girl is so sexy! Sylvie’s arms are super flexible, no problem for her! But getting out is impossible, even though she tries very hard to struggle, her hands just can’t reach the blue ropes! Sylvie is such a gorgeous girl! We love her struggling!

Sylvie - boxtied and hogtied

New girl Sylvie is just gorgeous! She is also super flexible and very fit! We have her completely naked in this tight boxtie which makes her boobs very perky, then we roll her over on the couch to hogtie her! Tight abs and escape attempts! Sylvie is a keeper!!