Sophia Smith

Sophia Smith - Elbow bound

She is so flexible! Remember her reverse prayer? Sophia Smith is back to get tied up some more, and this time we try making her elbows touch. Easy for Sophia, and we thought she would really enjoy it, but we did not know she hates ballgags. Sophia started struggling like mad to get the gag out of her mouth, but with her elbows tightly tied, there was no chance.

Sophia Smith - reverse prayer

Sophia Smith can do a reverse prayer! She is so flexible! But at this moment she wished she wasn’t so flexible, because the flexible girls always have to do the hardest bondage positions. Tough luck for Sophia, who is getting really fed up with this super strict rope tie, but struggling in a reverse prayer is useless (and beautiful!). Don’t miss the video clip, Sophia is a gorgeous struggler!