Anita - sturdy wrist-to-ankle tie

June 18, 2023

Anita is not very experienced with bondage. This wrist-to-ankle tie should be escapable in theory, but I made it so sturdy and tight, she couldn’t get out. Anita couldn’t struggle too much of course, as she didn’t want to fall. Enjoy this gagged (and rather frustrated) Anita in today’s pictures and video!

Natalia Forrest - the perfect damsel

June 11, 2023

Natalia Forrest doesn’t really like to be a damsel in distress. That’s why she is perfect! Great body, lots of fun to tie up, and she will struggle and complain a lot. Which is very amusing to watch! She is a real damsel with quite a lot of distress! I will never get tired of tying up Natalia Forrest (but I think she will).

Alba Zevon - harness gag hogtie

June 04, 2023

It’s so much fun to tie up Alba Zevon! She loves bondage, the tighter the better! So I tried this wall hogtie on her, where her ankles, torso, and harness gag are tied to the wall. She couldn’t move much! Alba absolutely loved it, and she said she wanted it even tighter next time! Let’s hope I get a chance to do that some day!

Thiccy Niccy - strappado and harness ring gag

May 28, 2023

Resident HuCow Thiccy Niccy is available for all sorts of kinky things these days. Well, I decided to tie her up in a strappado, to test out my new big harness ring gag. I even found matching rope for her new pink hair! Drooling and struggling in this extreme position, Thiccy Niccy is showing why she is one of the best submissives around!

Aria - hogtied in green rope

May 21, 2023

Beautiful 18-year old Aria was very curious about getting tied up. She picked the green rope because she liked it the most and I have to say it looks awesome on her. After a quick box tie, Aria ended up hogtied (of course) and she had a lot of fun struggling against the tight ropes! Definitely a keeper!

Elizabeth - chicken wing

May 14, 2023

Pretty student Elizabeth is wearing her white corset and nothing else. She got tied up tightly in a chicken wing position, unable to move her arms at all! She could still move her hands though, and she was planning to make a quick phone call for help. Elizabeth wasn’t fast enough… now she is gagged and helpless. She is so awesome, I need to get her back soon for more bondage!!

Little Lanta captured

May 07, 2023

Oh no! Everyone’s favorite gymnast has been captured and tied to a wall! Let’s hope no one will come and grab her boobs…. oh… too late :)

A forest walk with Lulu and Mei

April 30, 2023

Talented Chinese bondage models Lulu and Mei are so elegant! They are wearing their dresses and heels even in the forest, tied up in a classic Chinese tie. Wrists crossed behind their backs, they just keep walking and walking, it is quite amazing how they can keep their balance and elegance! Outdoor bondage is so much fun!

Welcome Emily Addams!!

April 23, 2023

Cute goth teen Emily Addams likes bondage a lot!! I tied her in black ropes, and I think it was her first time in a reverse prayer! She did so well! Her cute boobs were tied too, and she really LOVED the crotch rope. It’s been a while since I have seen such cute struggles! Don’t miss this update!

Britney - bench struggles

April 16, 2023

The wonderful Britney (always available for customs!) is back again for a fun hogtie on the bench. To make sure she doesn’t fall down during her struggles, I attached some ropes to secure her ankles and torso to the ceiling! Perfectly safe now! Britney can struggle all she wants, with her famous muffled gag sounds. This professional dancer has such an incredible body!

Denise - reverse prayer in the bathroom

April 09, 2023

Denise is my perfect bondage model! Big gags, big boobs, flexible arms! What more do you want! She is very submissive as well, and she loves to get tied up! Ask her on her Twitter and OnlyFans, she is a lot of fun to talk to! Today she got tied up in the bathroom, boobs bound, in a reverse prayer with a 2 inch white gag. Do you want a custom bondage video with Denise? Message me (or her) and we can film it for you!!

Yelena gets elbow tied

April 02, 2023

Yelena and her amazing arms are back! It will be her first hogtie and she was pretty nervous for it. But after I tied her wrists to her ankles, she quite enjoyed wriggling a bit to test her bondage. Of course, I had to come in and tie her elbows too! She did not expect that, but with such flexible arms I just couldn’t resist. Now she was tied up a lot tighter, Yelena’s eyes really lit up. She liked it a lot!!

Darina Nikitina - open

March 26, 2023

‘Get a papasan chair!’, members said, ‘it will be fun!’. I have to say you weren’t wrong. The chair has some interesting possibilities, and Darina certainly got to discover the comfort and vulnerability of being tied in this chair. Wide open and helpless, a gagged Darina enjoys a bit of a struggle. She was very excited being this exposed! It’s definitely a fantasy chair!!

Alba Zevon - hopping on the treadmill

March 19, 2023

Poor Alba! Her ankles and legs are tied and she will have to use the treadmill somehow. All she can do is hop along. It’s very exhausting but she would have been fine, except for the fact that I clamped her sensitive nipples with painful clover clamps. Alba will feel every hop in her nipples. What a terrible ordeal!

Lena gets tied up again

March 12, 2023

Remember beautiful Lena who experienced her rope bondage so intensely? She just goes straight into subspace when she is tied up. Of course she wanted to have another go! So I tied her again, and she was gone again within a few seconds, loving the ropes, struggling sensually. What a girl! She just needs to be tied up 24/7 I think!

Nikki Riddle - strappado balance

March 05, 2023

Beautiful tall Nikki is in a strappado position today, with nice red rope! She is wearing a Relentless Leather harness gag, tightly strapped into her mouth. In high heels, it is hard to stay balanced, if you are bent over by a high strappado tie. Especially with your elbows tied all the way together! This was a good challenge for Nikki! She loves getting tied up!

Aubrey - beautiful damsel

February 26, 2023

Beautiful Aubrey gets tied up in classic white rope in a sitting position. Her legs are bound above the knees, below the knees, and at the ankles. She won’t run off very fast in those heels! Even more classic, a white cloth gag is added for that real old fashioned damsel-in-distress feeling. Aubrey is so stunning in bondage!

Vivian Wood - flexible tattoo girl

February 19, 2023

Vivian Wood is a new model with lots of tattoos and a beautiful face. Those lips are made for ballgags! After she got strapped in a harness gag, I tried some rope bondage on her arms, and it turns out she is very flexible, her elbows go all the way together. Vivian had never been tied like this! It’s a very strange sensation having your arms bound like this for the first time. Don’t miss this exclusive video!

Liz Rainbow - elbow bondage suffering

February 12, 2023

After a while, this elbow bondage really got to Liz somehow, she started begging and drooling, but I didn’t let her out. She wanted a challenge! A large white ballgag and some simple ropes can be cruel after some time. Liz was trying her best to get out, but she couldn’t escape. It was intense! Afterwards, she said she loved it so much, she wants to come back and do it again!!

Cherry English - ass hook hogtie

February 05, 2023

It’s been a while since I have done an ass hook hogtie! Time for me to practice again. If only I could find a willing subject… Ah! Of course, Cherry English is always up for a good challenge and she likes insertions a lot! Let’s tie her into a strict hogtie, holding her head up by tying her harness gag to an ass hook. It is such a strict and inescapable position! Enjoy this update and have a great Sunday!

Little Lanta - pretzel tie

January 29, 2023

Little Lanta is a super flexible submissive girl from the UK! She can be twisted and bent into any position, and she loves a challenge! This awesome pretzel tie is no problem for Lanta, she likes it when there is absolutely no way to escape! Gagged and plugged, Lanta is very exposed and helpless, tied with pink rope to the papasan chair. Don’t miss this amazing update!

Yelena - elbow tied

January 22, 2023

Can Yelena be elbow tied? The posh spoiled girl doesn’t really seem like she can handle anything when you first meet her. But she is actually super talented! Yelena is incredibly flexible and her elbows go together like butter! This is her very first time having her elbows bound. It’s inescapable, but Yelena tries to get out anyway. ‘Such a strange feeling!’, she commented afterwards. Yelena is always available for new challenges and your custom requests!

Ivy Red - massive ball gag

January 15, 2023

Ivy Red is the cutest! She is very elegant and precious, but secretly very kinky as well! A crotch rope really turns her on, and wriggling around in ropes is one of her favorite things in the world. Her mouth is MADE for ballgags, with luscious lips and the ability to handle huge gags. I tried my massive wide strap red ballgag on her, and it looks awesome! Ivy was hogtied and struggling, drooling away in her own little world. What a girl! She’s available for custom videos too!

Electra - classic tie

January 08, 2023

A new model in my new green room! Electra has never been tied before, so I went with a classic box tie and let her struggle on the couch for a while. She’s a beauty! Electra started to get a little bit too comfortable, walking around and getting up on the couch, so I tied her knees as well. She is a bit of a drama queen, so she struggled very nicely!

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