Denise hates tied boobs

January 30, 2022

18 year old Denise hates having her boobs tied. But they are so tieable! Those natural big boobs are just perfect wrapped in rope! We gagged her with a 2 inch gag, and tied her arms behind her. Denise tries to shake the ropes off her boobs, but that’s not going to work. She seems angry! Let’s sit back and enjoy the show!

Elina Flower tied up!

January 23, 2022

We tied Elina Flower! She is usually a very dominant character, but today she got tied in ropes and she loved it! Well, maybe not the gag, but that was a last minute addition to complete this fun oriental themed tie! Elina’s giant boobs are exposed and vulnerable! She struggled but there was no way to escape. It was a great afternoon, Elina is so much fun to play with!

Azul - chastity belt struggles

January 16, 2022

Super tiny alternative girl Azul was in a chastity belt for ChastityBabes.com. It’s one of the smallest belts ever to appear on the website. She was lounging around, still wearing her boots, oddly enough. We got a chance to tie her in a blue reverse prayer, just for fun. Azul is a really active struggler, seeing her bound and gagged is always fun. Even with the tight chastity belt, Azul wriggled and moaned in her ropes. Such a cute submissive!

Alexandra - perfect elbow tie

January 09, 2022

Alexandra! A brand new girl, and she is awesomely flexible! Where do we keep finding these talented bondage girls! Alexandra thought it was a lot of fun trying this elbow tie for the first time in her life. And she easily touched her elbows together! She is a natural! Her shiny pants and long gloves really make this tie perfect!

Nicole Vice - struggling in purple

January 02, 2022

We have the famous adult star Nicole Vice back again! This time we wrap her in purple ropes, including a tight crotch rope. We leave her legs free so she can wriggle, fall over, and give us a good view of the crotch rope! She is gagged with a 2 inch purple ballgag to muffle her protests. Nicole is quite fierce, but she can’t free herself! She is very vulnerable with her boobs and crotch rope on display!

Lina Roselina - magic wand dangle

December 26, 2021

Tiny Lina Roselina finds herself tied spread eagled to the bed, it is a very vulnerable position! Her captor dangled a magic wand above her, just touching her clit. It is a very frustrating predicament for Lina. The magic wand is just dangling, it is not fixed, so every time Lina moves her pussy against it, it moves away a bit. It is not enough for her to reach an orgasm, but she also can’t get away from it. Will she be tormented like this forever? It’s exhausting her already!

Adele - elbow talent

December 19, 2021

Young Adele is an Italian girl with a talent for bondage! She has been to some shoots now, and she really loves getting tied up. Adele is a natural talent, with incredibly flexible arms, as we saw last time. This time though, we are going to make it even tighter. There will be no room for wriggling at all! Adele’s elbows will get tied all the way together in black long gloves with white rope, it looks amazing! What a patient and sweet girl, she will be a famous bondage star soon!

Eve - escape plan

December 12, 2021

Eve thought ‘wow this should be easy’, when she was tied in a box tie. And she was happy she was still wearing her shirt. Of course, I opened her shirt a little, so Eve started to work on her escape plan. Unfortunately for her, before she could do anything, her legs were tied and her knees were lifted to her neck. Now she was helpless on the floor. Would she still escape?

Ballet Sub Ella - arched

December 05, 2021

Wow, a ballerina bondage sub? Ella is the ultimate dream rope bunny! She is hyper flexible, with decades of ballet training, and she wants to get tied up! We tie her in a box tie with flashy pink ropes, and then we place her on a box. With her feet against the wall, we pull her torso up, arching her back. Ella was super stuck in this position! Not easy to do for most people, but for Ella it’s quite easy! She really can handle any pose we want to try out, we can’t wait to have her back for more!

Yasmine - sexy strappado

November 28, 2021

Playmate Yasmine is tied in a sexy strappado. She is now realizing she shouldn’t have worn her extreme high heels. They don’t have a platform, so the angle of her feet is almost straight down! This makes it hard to balance. And if there is one thing you need in a strappado, it is balance! Don’t try this at home, especially not in these heels!

Aubrey - the chastity belt

November 21, 2021

‘Sure you can come tie me up again’, said Aubrey, ‘but I am locked in this chastity belt because of my home deal for ChastityBabes.com, is that a problem?’. Of course not! We would gladly come to your home to tie you up and have you walk around in ropes! Aubrey is stunning, anytime we can put ropes on her, we will! She is also available for custom shoots, if you want to really challenge her!

Nora Sparkle - rope harnessed

November 14, 2021

Wow Nora Sparkle is spectacular! I have wrapped her in a tight rope harness today, with tied boobs and a huge ballgag. Nora loves a good struggle! She is very submissive and she loves to feel very vulnerable and exposed. The fact that anyone could grab her aroused her! She can’t defend herself or even protest. Nora is such a great bondage bunny!!

Lolly Anne, Dandelion - huge gags

November 07, 2021

Wow, I loved strapping my broad strap 2.5 inch gag on the pink haired Dandelion! That’s a big gag for such a small girl. Much to my surprise, I managed to get an even bigger gag into the smaller Lolly Anne! She can take a 2.75 inch mega ball!! With their hands tied in a box tie, there was really nothing they could do but suffer in their gags. The gags were so huge, they could barely communicate any escape plan, so there was not cooperation to get out of these ropes. If you love huge gags, don’t miss this update!

Julia Green - hogtied in her chastity belt

October 31, 2021

Many of you will know Julia Green and her famous red chastity belt. She is always locked into it when she works in FoToRo’s studio. And she has to wear her big collar as well. This update was shot in that studio, so there was no way we could remove her steel accessories, but they actually look pretty nice with rope bondage. We hogtied Julia to test her back arch, and wow, she can even arch in a chastity belt! This girl knows how to struggle! It’s almost like she doesn’t feel her steel restraints at all, she must be so used to them by now. Great unique update, don’t miss it!

Katia - lady in red

October 24, 2021

Beautiful Katia has been published in all the big magazines, and we can see why: great slender body with long arms and legs and a stunning face! She seems fragile. Can she handle some ropes? Katia reckoned she could. So we tied this gorgeous playmate in red ropes to match her outfit. She didn’t expect to be hogtied! And she needed to go to her next shoot right after this, with big ropemarks on her wrists and ankles. We don’t know how that went down, but we hope Katia’s curiosity didn’t lose her a job!

Tamara - ropes are beautiful and frustrating

October 17, 2021

We tied such a nice shibari tie on Tamara’s awesome body! She was really happy with it at first, loving the diamond pattern, and the way it felt. But when we gagged her and told her we weren’t going to untie her for a while, she started moaning and wriggling. Suddenly, she didn’t like this bondage so much anymore!

Coxy - 'seriously?'

October 10, 2021

We challenged super sexy model Coxy to escape from some simple ropes. Just knees, ankles, and elbows! Not even her wrists are tied. Super simple right? Coxy was confident she would be able to get out very quickly. But then she realized it’s impossible to reach the elbow ropes. Being tied that tight is frustrating and she couldn’t believe we tricked her. Result: one very angry Coxy. Great fun to watch!

Adele - elbows tied in pink

October 03, 2021

New girl Adele wants to be a famous bondage model. Well, she is off to a good start! She appeared on various websites already, doing some hard challenges. We tied her up to see how flexible she is. Her elbows easily touch! Ok, Adele is going to be a big star if she wants to! Super cute and flexible, and a very submissive nature. She’s definitely a talent!

Lolly Anne - 2.75" gag and reverse prayer

September 26, 2021

Lolly Anne! She can take the largest gag we have, a whopping 2.75″ (70mm!!!) ballgag. Now that’s a big mouth! She can also do a reverse prayer, so what’s not to love. Well, for one thing… Lolly Anne herself doesn’t really love any of this. Not the reverse prayer, and especially not the fact that she always has to get the largest gags, just because she has such a large mouth. Well, it’s kind of her own fault. If it fits, we just have to do it. Sorry Lolly Anne!

Rosie Mot - exposed

September 19, 2021

Rosie Mot does have some incredible boobs! They are like missiles! Incredible. She likes to hide them, but we tied her asian dress in such a way that we can really enjoy a good view of those perfect breasts. Of course, Rosie tries to struggle and hide herself, but it’s obvious she can’t pull on her kimono enough to take our nice view away. Poor Rosie, all exposed for everyone to see!

Nora Sparkle - chair tied and gagged

September 12, 2021

Nora Sparkle! We just love tying her up, she has an amazing body and she is a real submissive… although sometimes a bit reluctant because she really doesn’t like big gags too much. At the creepy office, Nora is nude and tied to a chair, her awesome boobs are wrapped in rope. Of course, we strap a 2 inch red ball into her mouth, and Nora struggles wildly. It’s awesome to see her drool and wriggle, there is no chance for her to escape from the ropes. Nora Sparkle is a great bondage girl!!

Darina Nikitina - perky

September 05, 2021

Darina Nikitina is one of my favorite models to tie! Very flexible elbows and nice boobs! Today, she will be tied in black. Black rope, black tight string around her boobs, and an all-black ballgag. Darina’s boobs are super perky with this tight thin string wrapped around them! She struggles and moans but she is elbow tied so there’s no chance for her to escape. So nice to watch this perfect body wriggling in black ropes!

Olga Cabaeva - displayed

August 29, 2021

We built this platform just for Olga! She is going to be tied to it, her ankles will be tied to an overhead bar, and her arms will be in front of her. There’s no way to escape this, especially when we tie her harness gag to the bar as well. Olga wriggles and drools, but she is just stuck here, on display for everyone to see. Would you put this piece of art in your house? It’s a bit drooly but beautiful to look at!

Yasmine - tied boobs

August 22, 2021

Playmate Yasmine doesn’t like it when we tie her boobs. But they are so tieable! We convinced her to just let us do it one more time! She is so sultry and pouty when she is frustrated! With her arms in a box tie, there’s nothing she can do about her situation. Yasmine is gorgeous, but with tied boobs she looks even better!

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