Vina - bent elbow tie and big gag

Young Vina is one of the most talented girls ever. Not only do her arms go all the way together (upper arms too!), she can even bend them when they are already tied. Something we couldn’t wait to show you! All vulnerable and exposed, boobs out, Vina thoroughly enjoys being tied up like this. A big ballgag completes her bondage, making her look stunning, like a tiny statue. She can stay in this bondage for hours. She really is one of our most amazing discoveries ever!

Vina - welded elbows

The 19-year old Vina is one of the most unexpected bondage talents we came across this year! What a girl! She loves bondage so much! Whenever we tie her, she wants it tighter. Whenever we gag her, she wants a bigger gag. This time, we went all out, and completely welded her elbows together (not literally) with a super super tight elbow bondage. Even a small part of her upper arms is touching! Incredible flexibility from such a young girl! Anything is possible with Vina, she has no limits!! Amazing.

Vina - Tight elbow bondage hogtie

Tiny 19-year old Vina is super flexible, so we love tying her up very tight. Maybe Vina does not really like that, but that’s what ballgags are for! Tied in super tight red rope, Vina’s elbows are touching behind her back! A huge black ballgag is added. She is then put onto her stomach, and her legs are crossed and tied to her arm ropes! She is hogtied and going nowhere! Struggle all you want little Vina, we will come back for you later!

Vina - cute elbow bondage

Little 19-year old Vina loves bondage so much!! But what she loves even more is escaping! So we have to make sure to tie her up really tight, or she will get out eventually. Fortunately, her elbows go all the way together. That makes tight bondage a lot more fun! Vina is a really good escape artist, but elbow bondage is inescapable!!

Vina - super tight harness gag hogtie

Vina is back!! The cute 19-year old contacted us on a fetish network, never did any modelling, never was in front of a camera before this happened. She is so into bondage! This sweet girl is super flexible too! We test her skills to the max by tying her arms really tight with her elbows touching! Then we hogtied her using a rope to tie her feet to her harness gag! This is such a tight and extreme position, Vina couldn’t move much at all! She was just lying there, enjoying every second, drooling and squirming. Vina is one of the best! So cute and tough!

Vina - cute reverse prayer

Please welcome tiny Vina to Tieable.com!! She is so cute! But don’t be fooled, she is a tough bondage loving girl! We tested her skills with a reverse prayer hogtie, so beautiful!! Let’s hope she will come back soon!