Satin Bloom

Satin Bloom - Crotch rope struggle

A naked Satin Bloom tied in purple ropes, her crotch rope makes this struggle a lot more interesting!

Satin Bloom - Spreadeagled and struggling

The incredibly sexy Satin Bloom is in trouble again! She is completely helpless, tied spreadeagled on the bed, but she is such a great struggler! We were afraid she would break the bed!

Satin Bloom - Frogtied

We tied Satin Bloom in a very interesting way, just to try it out! Frogtied in pink ropes, she can not stretch her arms and her legs, it is great to watch her struggle on the couch like this!

Satin Bloom - Struggling

Satin Bloom told us: ‘no one ties me up!’. Well, we somehow managed to do just that, and now she is angry! That doesn’t help her, because now we are too scared to untie her. Let her cool down for a while!