Rosie Mot

Rosie Mot - tied to the prison bars

Rosie Mot with her rocket boobs! She is back and she needs more bondage! Well, let’s tie her up in a box tie so her breasts are exposed and on display. Then anchor the box tie to the prison bars and tie one leg to the bars. The other leg is pulled up and Rosie is struggling to keep her balance on one foot. She is wearing high heels, so that’s not easy. A perfect predicament for our booby glamour girl!

Rosie Mot - exposed

Rosie Mot does have some incredible boobs! They are like missiles! Incredible. She likes to hide them, but we tied her asian dress in such a way that we can really enjoy a good view of those perfect breasts. Of course, Rosie tries to struggle and hide herself, but it’s obvious she can’t pull on her kimono enough to take our nice view away. Poor Rosie, all exposed for everyone to see!