Penny Lee

Penny Lee - 2.5 inch ring gag chair strappado

Penny Lee! We tied her once, maybe 5 years ago, and now she is back! Penny looks as stunning as ever, with her huge boobs which are so perfect for rope bondage. We tie her to a chair in a strappado position so she has to lean forward, showing off her massive natural boobs. Our new large (2.5 inch) ring gag has never been used, because we couldn’t find a big enough mouth to fit it in. Turns out Penny Lee can actually handle this ring gag! Lots of drooling and chair struggling, don’t miss this video!

Penny Lee - Large ballgag and golden rope

Penny Lee! This TV babe from the UK told us she loves to get tied up! Well, let’s do it! We tied her in golden rope boxtie, and Penny was having lots of fun! She did not say anything about ballgags though. Does she love them? Hate them? We didn’t know, so we found one of the largest balls and pushed it into her mouth before she could say anything! Okay, it was a bit large, but surely she was still having fun? We couldn’t really understand what she was saying, so let’s just assume Penny Lee loves big ballgags!