Milena - large gag and elbow tie

Milena came back for more! Last time, she was gagged and tied very securely, and she wanted to experience this again! We couldn’t find that ballgag anymore so we just grabbed a bigger one. She was surpised but she loved it. A large gag is great for moaning and struggling, exactly what Milena came over for. She is a very submissive girl, a bit shy, and really into tight bondage. We can’t wait for her to come back again!

Milena - hair hogtie

Cute Milena wrote us: ‘can I get tied up too?!’. Sure you can! We asked her how she wanted to be tied up, and she just said she wanted it very tight with no room for wriggling. Well, how about this elbow bondage hogtie with a hair tie and a ballgag? Milena couldn’t move much! She loved it so much, we think she will be in our inbox again very soon!