Lina Roselina

Lina Roselina - cute pink assistant

Our tiny assistant Lina Roselina is so cute! Her favorite color is pink, so we tied her in pink rope, securing her elbows behind her back. With a beautiful wrists wrap, she is really quite helpless, she can’t even undo the crotch rope. Lina still tried her best to be a good assistant, but she was soon gagged too, which made it a lot harder to make those phone calls. It’s just fun to see her crawl on the desk like this. Cutest assistant ever!

Lina Roselina - magic wand dangle

Tiny Lina Roselina finds herself tied spread eagled to the bed, it is a very vulnerable position! Her captor dangled a magic wand above her, just touching her clit. It is a very frustrating predicament for Lina. The magic wand is just dangling, it is not fixed, so every time Lina moves her pussy against it, it moves away a bit. It is not enough for her to reach an orgasm, but she also can’t get away from it. Will she be tormented like this forever? It’s exhausting her already!

Lina Roselina - prison strappado

Tiny teen Lina Roselina is tied in a strappado position! This is one of the most deceiving positions, it doesn’t look hard but it is really difficult to maintain. She can’t go down or she will pull on her shoulders, she can’t stand upright because she can’t pull her hands further down. Lina can’t kneel or sit either. She just has to stand there and her shoulders are getting very tired soon! Poor Lina!

Lina - tiny teen tries a reverse prayer

19-year old Lina Roselina is a tiny teen from Belgium. She wanted to get tied up so bad, she has been emailing us for months. We finally got her to our studio and tied her in a reverse prayer, much to her surprise. She had never been in this position before (or in any proper rope bondage). Lina squirmed and tried to get out, but she couldn’t. With a nice shiny ballgag added, Lina is just about as perfect as she can be! She will definitely be back!