Kayla Louise

Kayla Louise - Pink overload

The very tieable Kayla Louise is back again! We just love to tie her in a box tie which makes her boobs even perkier :) We let her struggle for a while before we hogtied her. Kayla is so cute when she is helpless!

Kayla Louise - Hogtied on the tennis court

Poor Kayla just wanted to play her tennis game! Nude of course, because she always plays tennis naked. After all, it is 40 degrees Celsius out here. But instead of getting to play her favorite game, she got to play OUR favorite game, which is rope bondage! A little harsh to leave her out in this heat, the court was so hot we had to put her on a pillow to prevent her from slowly roasting. After half an hour, Kayla really did not like us anymore. But we like Kayla, she looks so hot! Literally…