Jennifer - chicken winged and 2.5 inch gag

Local girl Jennifer is one of our gag talents! She can take the biggest gags with ease… Well, not with ease, but she does have a huge mouth. This spectacular wide-strapped 2.5 inch ballgag stretches her jaw nicely. And even better: Jennifer is an elbow talent too! She has shown this incredible skill before in various ties, but she never did a chicken wing tie before. It’s a great tie and it will stop her from taking out that huge gag. Join now to see her struggle!

Jennifer - candy stripe elbow bondage

The talented Jennifer! She can take the biggest ballgags and the tightest elbow bondage. What more do you need! We tried to make things a bit cuter by using white AND pink rope, but Jennifer did not really appreciate the pretty colors, she was just struggling and moaning in this tight elbow bondage!

Jennifer - First time reverse prayer

When you find a super tall local flexible girl, you want to test her limits. We already know her elbows can go all the way together, but can she do a reverse prayer? There is only one way to find out! Funny thing is: Jennifer did not even know what a reverse prayer was, nor had she ever been in bondage before meeting us. She did really well!

Jennifer - New rope talent

Jennifer from the Netherlands has got that special skill we are always looking for: her elbows touch without any effort! So we tied her up and left her to struggle, her first time in rope EVER! Wow, these Dutch girls are nice! And so tall!! Endless arms and flexible, that’s what we love to see! She will definitely be back for more!