Jenni C

Jenni C - overhead tie

Jenni C! Probably one of the most tieable girls in the world. So perfect. Blonde, blue eyes, tanned, perfect body shape. She needs to be tied up all the time!! Literally! We have tied her up numerous times, and she still comes back for more. We have used so many rope colors and positions on her, it’s hard to think of something original, but we found something: an overhead tie in black! A very awkward pose and Jenni wasn’t too happy about our choice. Oh well :) She will come back anyway.

Jenni C punished

Jenni C was trying her very best to serve her master some tea in a ceremonial way, but she made a tiny mistake. Now she will have to spend the rest of the day in a box tie. How harsh!

Jenni C - gymnast in ropes

Gorgeous Jenni Czech is back again and this time she is wearing something very special: her purple shiny gymnast outfit! Soooo shiny! Jenni Czech is a very flexible girl, and we love her nice muscular legs so we decide to tie her upper body only, to see those beautiful legs struggling and kicking around! Jenni is also wearing her ballet flats, by special member request! If you have a member request, don’t hesitate to send it in!!

Jenni C - Blue rope tie

The gorgeous Jenni C is always a pleasure to tie up! Don’t worry about her, she loves it and she keeps coming back for more! If you want to send in a request for a custom shoot with her, don’t hesitate, she will love to do it! This time she is tied in blue ropes, struggling on the bed, but getting nowhere. It’s so nice to see this perfect blonde rolling around helplessly!! We just can’t get enough of Jenni C!

Jenni C - Elbow rope harness

The amazing Jenni C is back! And better than ever! We caught her in the black room, with some white ropes, and now she is stuck, struggling against her elbow bonds, with an innovative crotch rope construction. Jenni C is always a joy to watch, especially in bondage!

Jenni C - A pretty efficient box tie

Jenni C all tied up in the old house! She likes light bondage, but this was one step too far for her! Struggling to reach any knots, Jenni is all over the couch, her upper body tightly bound in a boob squeezing box tie and her legs and ankles wrapped and cinched!

Jenni C - Afternoon punishment in blue

The gorgeous Jenni C tied to the bed, spread eagle style! The color coordination of her panties and the rope is fabulous! She is completely helpless and defenseless, but that doesn’t stop her from struggling!

Jenni C - Hogtied to a wooden beam

Jenni C! If you don’t tie her up really good, she will kick your ass and run out of the house! She can be dangerous, and she will always try to escape. To stop her from falling off the bed, we roped her to the ceiling, making her hogtie a little more severe!