Ballet Sub Ella

Ballet Sub Ella - split

Ballet Sub Ella said she needed to practice her splits more! No problem! We tied her in a very exposed way to the couch, so she was stuck in the split position. Ella can hold this for a long time, and she is super flexible. But she has not been tied in such a vulnerable way before, so it was very exciting for her (and a little scary). Super submissive Ella is a ballerina who has decided she wants to please and serve. She is basically a dream girl, and a perfect bondage model, because you can tie her in any way you can imagine!

Ballet Sub Ella - arched

Wow, a ballerina bondage sub? Ella is the ultimate dream rope bunny! She is hyper flexible, with decades of ballet training, and she wants to get tied up! We tie her in a box tie with flashy pink ropes, and then we place her on a box. With her feet against the wall, we pull her torso up, arching her back. Ella was super stuck in this position! Not easy to do for most people, but for Ella it’s quite easy! She really can handle any pose we want to try out, we can’t wait to have her back for more!