Elizabeth hates clover clamps

Elizabeth now hates clover clamps, due to a painful mishap on MetalBondage.com. She has super sensitive nipples anyway, so it is a huge challenge for her to get clamped. Corsetted and crotch roped, Elizabeth is a bit scared of what is to come. She gets boxtied and tied to the wall, wearing a big mouth plug deep inside her harness gag. And yes… there they are again: the clover clamps. Elizabeth suffers and drools, until the moment comes when I take off the clamps. She might hate wearing clamps, but taking them off is the worst sting!!

Elizabeth - chicken wing

Pretty student Elizabeth is wearing her white corset and nothing else. She got tied up tightly in a chicken wing position, unable to move her arms at all! She could still move her hands though, and she was planning to make a quick phone call for help. Elizabeth wasn’t fast enough… now she is gagged and helpless. She is so awesome, I need to get her back soon for more bondage!!

Elizabeth - tight corset

Wow, this corset is tight! Elizabeth looks amazing! Time to give her a challenge by tying her up even more tightly, with a box tie! A harness panel gag will keep her from complaining about the tightness, but that’s probably not even necessary, because Elizabeth LOVES bondage! The struggle is exciting to her. Not easy to keep up the energy with restricted breathing, but Elizabeth can handle it! She is available for custom videos too!