Dani Divine

Dani Divine - red and gold

After last week’s famous model, we thought it couldn’t get any better… but it did! We tied up legendary fetish model Dani Divine again! After being tied the first time, she really wanted to come back for more and do a stricter bondage. She tried elbow bondage for the first time in her life! Dani Divine in rope bondage is probably the best thing you’ll see on the internet today. It is very rare and very hot! Don’t miss this awesome picture set and video!

Dani Divine!

This is a unique update! The one and only Dani Divine in rope bondage! She never let anyone tie her up before, so this is a one-of-a-kind picture set and video for you to enjoy. World famous fetish model Dani Divine loves her latex and kinky outfits, but she is rarely seen in bondage… and never before in rope. We are proud to feature her on our site, and we loved to tie her with red rope (of course) in a neat box tie. Dani is so gorgeous, and she looks even better in rope! We hope you will enjoy this update just as much as we do, download it now to see your favorite fetish model tied up!