Crystl - reverse prayer splits

Remember the awesome ballet dancer Crystl from a few years ago? Check her previous update by clicking here! She is back again, and of course I didn’t tie her legs so she could show off her incredible skills. Tied in a reverse prayer for the first time, with a crotch (also for the first time), Crystl goes through her stretching routines like a pro. She is very focused and centered, even though she is known to get a bit emotional in bondage. Beautiful elegant video for you to watch!

Crystl - tied ballet dancer

Beautiful Crystl is probably the most flexible girl ever! No wonder, she is a ballet dancer! Such grace and beauty must be contained with a rather heavy box tie! We left her legs free, so she could still express herself. Crystl thought this was such an interesting experiment, she was to get tied up more to show what she can do! Full leg split anyone?