Cleo is trying to get comfortable

Cleo’s big tits are tied and that is still a very new sensation to her. It is so tight! I hogtied her, and Cleo was lying on her tied boobs, which was very uncomfortable. She struggled to turn to her side, but it was very exhausting to hold that position. Shifting from her side to her stomach, Cleo tried to deal with her hogtie as best she could. She is so tieable!!

New girl Cleo - first time tied

Beautiful Cleo! She is very new to bondage, and she wanted to try some ‘soft ropes’ and ‘simple ties’. Well, the gold rope is very soft, and this tie is quite simple: a box tie with breast bondage. She looks stunning! Of course, I had to try a gag on her, and Cleo played along, making faces while struggling against the ropes. She’s a keeper!