Barbara - a simple rope

Barbara is tied up in a very simple way, her wrists and ankles are tied. She is ballgagged. Nothing special, but there is a simple rope running from her neck to the pipe in the basement. This simple addition drives Barbara to despair! It should be so easy to escape! But it’s not, and that’s what making her very angry!

Barbara - tied up in the basement

Big boobed Barbara loves a challenge, but when she can’t escape she will make a big scene. Too bad for her she couldn’t get out of this bondage, she was tied to a very heavy rack in the basement with her limbs tied in four directions. A ballgag was deep inside her mouth, and Barbara struggled wildly to get free. After a while, you can see she realizes she won’t be able to escape, and panic sets in. Sobbing and moaning, Barbara tired herself out. It’s really amazing to watch her transformation.