Abigail - wrists crossed

Abigail is so beautiful in her stockings and suspenders. And so vulnerable! She tried to cover her boobs and crotch with her hands, so we had to find a way to get those fingers out of the way! A very high wrists crossed tie behind the back is a perfect solution to make any girl completely helpless! Abigail couldn’t move her arms at all, she could just wave her hands, but that was it. We finally get to admire her beauty from all sides, and Abigail can’t cover herself up anymore!

Abigail - chicken wing

One of our super bondage talents, the flexible Abigail, is going to attempt a chicken wing tie. In her white stockings and suspenders, Abigail is just a stunning young girl with huge eyes and very cute boobs. But with some purple rope added, Abigail suddenly is a very sexy damsel in distress! Chicken wing ties are not easy, and Abigail’s shoulders and elbows are pulled back tight! She struggles on her belly, her legs frogtied… there is no hope of escape, but don’t worry, Abigail loved it and she will be back for more!

Abigail - school girl reverse prayer

Cute Abigail is tied up in her favorite color rope: pink! But the position is not her favorite… the reverse prayer is very extreme for her, she has her wrists pinned high behind her back. How is she supposed to write on the blackboard like this! She struggles to get free, but in this harsh position there is no chance to reach any knots. Abigail will have to wait a while until someone comes to release her.

Abigail - ultra tight for the first time

Cute Abigail from the UK wanted to get tied up really tight. But she had no experience with rope at all! Much to our surprise, her elbows went together so smoothly it was just too tempting. Not taking it easy on her, we went for an ultra tight elbow bondage. Yes, it’s her first time in rope, but don’t worry, she is so flexible, she can handle it (we hope). Abigail is so gorgeous, with the perfect submissive mouth and eyes, and small cute perky boobs, it was really hard to let her go. Let’s hope she will be back after this tight ordeal!