Liz Rainbow - magic wand frustration

December 03, 2023

The dangling magic wand is a very frustrating predicament, especially for a very horny girl like Liz Rainbow! She is spread eagled on the bed, and the magic wand is barely touching her. She tries to move her hips closer but by doing so, she pushes the wand away and it swings back and forth. It’s impossible for her to get enough stimulation to orgasm, but the magic wand still comes back every time to touch her pussy. Liz is going crazy! This is too frustrating!!

Cindy Dollar - elbow bondage hogtie

November 26, 2023

Cindy Dollar is such a tough girl! She can be bound with her elbows together for a while, leaving me time to make the hogtie more interesting. By adding a harness gag, and attaching her to the wall by her torso and gag. Cindy couldn’t move an inch! She was very stuck, on her little platform, tied in green ropes. She is a work of art! If you want a custom picture set or video with Cindy Dollar, keep in mind she will be back in the studio early next year for more bondage fun!

River - fitgirl tied with a huge ballgag

November 19, 2023

There are few models as gorgeous as River, and if they are, they can’t handle tight ropes or big gags. River is exceptional! Her muscular body is perfect for tying, and she loves a challenge! Huge gags don’t scare her. One of my favorite resident models, River is always eager to come back for more challenging rope bondage! Can’t get enough of her!

Sylvie - elbow tied on-screen

November 12, 2023

Sylvie hates being so flexible. Because every time she visits me, I want to tie her elbows extremely tight. Just because she can! Sylvie is (again) not so happy about this, but since she is already hogtied (wrists and ankles), she can’t stop me from adding the elbow rope. Sylvie acts like she hates me. But she keeps coming back again and again, so it’s not that bad. In fact, she will be back very soon in case you want to order a custom video with her (please include tight elbow bondage in your script, just to tease her!).

Oxana - first time elbow bondage

November 05, 2023

The first sensation of having your elbows tied together is surprise. Oxana is very new to bondage. In fact, she has never been tied before! But I noticed her flexibility and wanted to test her. Oxana wasn’t afraid of the harness gag, strangely enough she loved that one. It does look super cute on her! The elbow bondage was soon getting challenging, and Oxana felt a bit scared. She was brave though, dealing with all the strange sensations for the first time. I released her after a short time, and then I tied her harness gag to the back of her chest harness, pulling her head back. She didn’t like that as much, giving me the finger. But it was all in good spirit, Oxana loved her first ropes! She wants to do more soon, so if you have a custom request for her, just write me!

Naomi Denise - raised chicken wing

October 29, 2023

Super flexible Naomi Denise is back. She wants me to challenge her! I never tried this tie before, but it turned out pretty good! Naomi Denise was tied in a chicken wing and frogtie position and her torso was lifted by pulling the rope back on the bed. This was quite an extreme arch, but not enough for her, she wants it tighter next time! What a girl!

Arabella grabbed

October 22, 2023

I love tying up Arabella! She has very tieable boobs and she can take enormous gags! Not sure if Arabella likes it as much, as I tease her a lot when she is tied up. I push her over, and I grab her boobs. She is helpless and can’t defend herself. Poor girl!

Anna Lemon - spread

October 15, 2023

Oh no! Someone tied the tiny Anna Lemon to a chair in the most vulnerable way! Let’s hope no one comes along to take advantage! Anna only has a few minutes to escape, will she manage to get out of this position? It seems impossible, but Anna is a real escape artist!

Luz Luna - hopping damsel

October 08, 2023

Luz Luna is so cute! She has been tied up and she was convinced it would be easy to get out of these ropes. But all of the knots are behind her back in a really complicated tie. Gagged with a cloth gag, she looks like a real damsel! Luz manages to stand up and hop to a mirror, hoping to see the back of her bondage. But even after all the cute hopping around, she can’t really get her fingers to any of the knots! Is it hopeless?

Zoey Ziptie - a good harness gag hogtie

October 01, 2023

Please welcome ZoeyZiptie to Tieable.com! She is a UK bondage loving girl, who has been emailing me for a few years now. She finally got her wish to get tied up in my studio. Zoey brought her own harness gag! She asked me to do a tight hogtie, with the ropes attached to her harness gag so was really tied up good for her favorite thing in the world: struggling! Watch Zoey squirm and moan in this awesome update!

Denise - mouth spreader

September 24, 2023

Denise is back for some more bondage! I tied her to the wall, with her perfect boobs wrapped in tight red rope! A crotch rope was added to make sure she was feeling the ropes all the time. Denise loves bondage so much! She also loves being on display like this. And I have to admit, with a nice mouth spreader added, she makes a perfect wall decoration!

Vladislava - hard ropes

September 17, 2023

These ropes are cruel! Vladislava was fine at the start of the shoot, but as time went on, it became very uncomfortable. She really wanted to relax her limbs but these ropes have no stretch at all. It seemed like they were getting tighter and tigher the more she struggled. Poor Vladislava!

Ruby Alexia hogtied!

September 10, 2023

I tied Ruby Alexia! It was very exciting to have her in my studio, this fetish legend is so stunning! She is very dominant, but she was kind enough to let me tie her up. Naked and vulnerable, Ruby Alexia looks incredible in green rope! Her huge boobs are tied before she ends up in a box tie hogtie, resting on her big tied breasts. A bit gag completes the tie, and it is just spectacular!! Don’t miss this!

Cindy Dollar - the Tower of Pain

September 03, 2023

One of the most cruel ways to apply clover clamps is the dreaded Tower of Pain. Cindy Dollar will find out what it is exactly in today’s shoot. Elbow tied, she can’t reach the clover clamps with her hands, and the pain is getting worse and worse. What a predicament! Don’t try this at home!

Moni - chastity girl tied up

August 27, 2023

Moni is so much fun! She is a tiny real life submissive, always in chastity, which makes her very focused and always a bit aroused and energetic. She loves bondage!! Moni wanted a nice box tie, so she got one. It really goes well with her chastity belt! More girls should be in chastity, it keeps them eager and it’s a lot of fun to play with them and tease them!

New girl Cleo - first time tied

August 20, 2023

Beautiful Cleo! She is very new to bondage, and she wanted to try some ‘soft ropes’ and ‘simple ties’. Well, the gold rope is very soft, and this tie is quite simple: a box tie with breast bondage. She looks stunning! Of course, I had to try a gag on her, and Cleo played along, making faces while struggling against the ropes. She’s a keeper!

Jasmin - chair fun

August 13, 2023

A bit of fun with Jasmin, she is always in for a little challenge! I tied her to a chair, with her legs up to the sides of the chair. She couldn’t move at all! I put a magic wand under her and turned it on. Jasmin loved it so much, she was squirming and writhing, there was nothing she could do to stop the pleasure and fun! I don’t think she wanted it to stop, I could have left her there forever!

Lady Lyne - gagged and boob tied

August 06, 2023

Lady Lyne is the coolest lady! She lets me tie her boobs, and that’s quite something for such a dominant personality. But once she is tied up, she can’t stop me from adding a ballgag. And you know it: Lady Lyne hates ballgags! Now she is struggling to get out of the ropes she was enjoying a minute before. Her huge boobs tightly tied, drooling from her gag. It’s a wonderful sight! Don’t miss this update!

The best reverse prayer in the world

July 30, 2023

I have seen a few pictures of this girl a long time ago, and now I finally have her on my website! Lulu, the girl in the white dress, famous for being able to do an ELBOWS TOGETHER reverse prayer. She is incredible! This is so rare, you don’t want to miss this! Her friend Mei (in the blue dress) is not bad either! Both girls are in a reverse prayer walking through the woods, and they end up tied between two trees, still in their reverse prayer ties. If you are an extreme bondage fan, you have to see this video!

Denise - mummy tie

July 23, 2023

Denise is so much fun to tie up! She is a perfect bondage submissive, always ready to try out new positions and ties. This mummy tie was a lot of fun, with a tight crotch rope and her big boobs tied up. Her favorite harness gag was strapped on, and she started wriggling and moaning. It was only making her more excited!

Mina Moreno tied up by Rija Mae

July 16, 2023

On holiday I met Mina Moreno from Spain, she is such a tiny cutie! Rigger girl Rija Mae was also there, so I teamed them up for some bondage by the pool. It was very awesome! Mina got tied in a reverse prayer, but she still wanted to go swimming after Rija finished tying. Of course, she couldn’t, but she was happy to dip her feet in the pool on this super hot day!

Nikki Riddle - reverse prayer

July 09, 2023

Nikki Riddle is very flexible! She looks awesome in this green rope reverse prayer position! And what’s more: she can handle some really large gags, like this 2.75 inch red ball! That’s amazing! She struggles and wriggles in the padded cell, but there is no escape from this tight tie. Her sexy body is awesome to tie up, I can’t wait to have her back for more bondage challenges!

Katarina Hartlova - frustrating spread eagle

July 02, 2023

I tied Katarina Hartlova to the bed in a spread eagle position, and I dangled a magic wand from above. Katarina really wanted to feel the vibrations, but every time she moved, the magic wand swung away from the good spot. It was very frustrating for her! It’s beautiful to watch her try different techniques to get the magic wand onto her clit. In the end, she was so angry at me, I almost didn’t dare to untie her. She is a force of nature!!

Naomi Denise - extreme vertical hogtie

June 25, 2023

This was a custom request, and it was awesome to be able to do this with the talented Naomi Denise! She was going to be hogtied, but vertically! The only thing holding her up was a steel collar attached to the wall. Quite a predicament for Naomi Denise, who absolutely LOVED this challenge. She is available for customs, especially if they are very hard!!

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