Jennifer - candy stripe elbow bondage

May 21, 2017

The talented Jennifer! She can take the biggest ballgags and the tightest elbow bondage. What more do you need! We tried to make things a bit cuter by using white AND pink rope, but Jennifer did not really appreciate the pretty colors, she was just struggling and moaning in this tight elbow bondage!

Stella Cox - perfect prisoner

May 14, 2017

Everything about Stella Cox is just perfect. Huge natural boobs that can be tied, elbows are super flexible, and she can take a large ballgag. We just want to keep her forever! Good thing we have a prison cell, where we can keep the tightly bound Stella and look at her whenever we want. By the sound of her moaning, she really needs to go somewhere, but we won’t let her go for a while! It’s the famous Stella Cox tied up super tied in elbow bondage and breast bondage! Would you ever let her go?

Abigail - ultra tight for the first time

May 07, 2017

Cute Abigail from the UK wanted to get tied up really tight. But she had no experience with rope at all! Much to our surprise, her elbows went together so smoothly it was just too tempting. Not taking it easy on her, we went for an ultra tight elbow bondage. Yes, it’s her first time in rope, but don’t worry, she is so flexible, she can handle it (we hope). Abigail is so gorgeous, with the perfect submissive mouth and eyes, and small cute perky boobs, it was really hard to let her go. Let’s hope she will be back after this tight ordeal!

Ting and WeiWei box tied

April 30, 2017

Asian friends Ting and WeiWei are so cute, locked in their wide metal collars! We just had to tie them up as tight as possible! They make some high pitched squeaky noises when their arms are tied in a box tie, but two shiny red ballgags can solve most of that. Such a beautiful tied struggle, don’t miss this update if you like cute Asian girls in bondage!

Darina Nikitina - ultra tight elbow bondage

April 23, 2017

Darina can do it! She is flexible enough to do this ultra tight elbow bondage. No cinch between the lower arms means they are even closer together, and her shoulders are pulled all the way back. This is hard! Darina is gagged with a big ball and left to struggle, but there is not much she can do. She can barely move her arms! Don’t worry, Darina loves bondage, even though she seems a little uncomfortable at the moment.

Lizanne - reverse prayer

April 16, 2017

Lizanne! One of the toughest and cutest bondage models ever! We love to tie her up so much, but (believe it or not) she loves it even more! So let’s challenge her today with a reverse prayer (hands trapped) and a cruel nipple bondage tie. The twisted rope on her nipples means she can’t struggle too hard or she will get pinched. A shiny red ballgag suits her perfectly too. Let’s see if the cute freckle-faced Lizanne can escape (spoiler: no).

Melissa - chicken wing tie

April 09, 2017

It’s not easy to tie up Melissa, she is a good struggler! We wanted to give her a different challenge, but she almost got out. Melissa is a real escape artist. We shouldn’t experiment on her next time, and tie her up really good, because we can’t risk her escaping! We want to keep her here as long as possible.

Gina Gerson - slender tieable girl

April 02, 2017

Everyone probably knows cute Gina Gerson, she is an internet star! Ever since we saw her, we wanted to tie her up, she is so slender! We just contacted her, and she said yes right away. She was actually very curious. But once she was tied up, we weren’t really sure if she still liked it. We did, however, because Gina looks amazing in rope!

Milena - hair hogtie

March 26, 2017

Cute Milena wrote us: ‘can I get tied up too?!’. Sure you can! We asked her how she wanted to be tied up, and she just said she wanted it very tight with no room for wriggling. Well, how about this elbow bondage hogtie with a hair tie and a ballgag? Milena couldn’t move much! She loved it so much, we think she will be in our inbox again very soon!

Coxy - Pink bondage

March 19, 2017

Coxy! She has been tied up so many times, you may think she likes it. We don’t know for sure, but we suspect she does enjoy it! This super model seems to have no problems with a bit of rope and struggling. And a ballgag is no problem either! Box tied in pink rope, Coxy looks very awesome. But HOGtied in pink rope, with a nice pink ballgag, she looks even better! We will just keep tying her up, suggestions for future ties are welcome of course!

Tiffany - reverse prayer breast bondage

March 12, 2017

It had to be done! We tied Tiffany quite a few times, and we never used rope around her boobs. She did not like the idea, and she was afraid it would look silly. Well, we still did it, and it looked amazing of course. Tiffany just has perfect natural tieable boobs. We also put her in a reverse prayer, which is an awesome skill we didn’t even know she possessed. Reverse prayer breast bondage is so great, no matter what Tiffany thinks ;)

Britney - extreme elbow hogtie

March 05, 2017

We love Spanish girl Britney! Longest arms and legs you have ever seen, and flexibility to match! Britney does not love us as much as we love her, obviously. Because every time she comes around, she gets tied in the most extreme elbow bondage positions, just because she can (not everyone can do this). Her arms are tied brutally tight, all the way together. She is hogtied and her neck is locked in a wide metal collar, making it hard to breathe. Why do we do this to Britney? Because we love her!

Stella Cox - reverse prayer

February 26, 2017

It’s the world famous boobs of Stella Cox! The best tie to prevent her from covering them up is the reverse prayer, of course. Can Stella Cox do that? Yes, she is super flexible! Tied in blue ropes, she is completely defenseless, her big boobs exposed for anyone to grab. Stella did not think it was very funny though, she even gave us the finger, that earned her some more time in this position.

Izzy Delphine - gagged and hogtied

February 19, 2017

We tied up Izzy again! She is so cute! This time, she ended up in a hogtied (to an overhead rope), toe tied, and ballgagged. Judging by her frown, she did not like the gag, but we certainly did! Izzy was a little angry, so we just left her there to cool down for a bit. She sure has a lot of energy!!

Little Caprice - 200 updates!

February 12, 2017

To celebrate 200 updates of girls tied in rope, we have a special girl for you: the awesome Little Caprice! She doesn’t shoot with many other productions anymore, so it is quite rare to get her tied up. Which is a shame, because she is really flexible. Her elbows can even be tied all the way together, our favorite skill. The only problem is that Caprice really doesn’t like elbow bondage. It’s too frustrating for her, because her wrists are free but she still can’t escape the tight ropes.

Natalia Forrest - nude in rope

February 05, 2017

Natalia Forrest is pretty hard to tie up. She doesn’t really like it and she keeps complaining. She also loves to roll around and struggle, and she actually manages to get free a lot of the time. But with her wrists and ankles securely bound, this bondage should hold her… we hope.

Vanessa R - Super tight harness gag hogtie

January 29, 2017

From the start to the finish of this shoot, cute young Vanessa was wearing this big harness ballgag. She loved it so much, she wanted to see how long she could wear it. Of course, her extreme flexibility and curiosity soon led to her being tightly elbow tied, progressing into a hogtie, with her head pulled back by the rope on her ankles. This is super tight! And believe us, Vanessa already asked if she can come back for more! She is great! Don’t miss the beautiful video of Vanessa drooling in the sun light!

Sophie - gorgeous nurse tied up

January 22, 2017

By far the most stunning nurse you have ever seen, we are sure of that! Sophie is a tall blonde with an incredible body and a perfect face. Tied in white ropes, with breast harness and a crotch rope, she enjoys her challenge at first. But when she gets hogtied on the hospital bed, she is starting to get impatient. Sophie wanted to get out, but she couldn’t move very much. The best nurse hogtie we have ever done, don’t miss it!

We have Nyxon!

January 15, 2017

Only the best! We managed to get famous fetish diva Nyxon for a rope bondage shoot! We tied her up good, because… hey it’s Nyxon! She is rigged with a bamboo pole behind her back, frogtied, and gagged. Enjoy this update with Nyxon in ropes, she loved it and we hope you will love it too!

Mea - Yellow hogtie

January 08, 2017

The first rope tie for Mea ever! This Hungerian beauty wanted to get tied up, so we put her in a strict hogtie, with her knees, ankles, and toes tied! All Mea could do was wriggle a little bit! She must have liked it because she said she wanted to come back for more (and tighter) bondage!!

Katie Thornton - purple chicken wing tie

January 01, 2017

We love Katie Thornton all tied up and defenseless. And a chicken wing tie makes her pretty helpless! She is so stunning in purple ropes, her big boobs bulging as she struggles to get free.

Tammy - girl next door elbow bondage!

December 25, 2016

Tammy always comes over to have a look in our studio to see what is going on. One day, we tested her flexibility and it turns out her elbows go all the way together! Wow! Time to get her naked and tied up in tight ropes! We love girl next door bondage! Especially when the girls next door are so talented!

Ariel Anderssen - The queen of reverse prayers

December 18, 2016

Bondage model Ariel Anderssen is very well known for her ability to handle strict reverse prayers. So we couldn’t resist: we tied her in a very effective reverse prayer, with absolutely no chance of escape. She can handle it, don’t worry!

Nadia White - spread eagled

December 11, 2016

Famous bondage model Nadia White is used to being tied up, but when she is left in a spread eagle position for most of the afternoon, even Nadia gets rather impatient. Nice struggling though!!

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