Alexandra – perfect elbow tie

Alexandra! A brand new girl, and she is awesomely flexible! Where do we keep finding these talented bondage girls! Alexandra thought it was a lot of fun trying this elbow tie for the first time in her life. And she easily touched her elbows together! She is a natural! Her shiny pants and long gloves really make this tie perfect!

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  • Posted 2 years ago

    IMHO, your work is very good, and is about 75% of the way there, but you should really add gags and leg bindings. Not sure why these are omitted in the majority of your shoots, but they are something that is very missed by us fans in your work. I understand that you don’t have to do them all the time, but to leave them out as frequently as you do, it’s just disappointing. They would really make your work jump and turn an okay shoot into an amazing shoot. I know you don’t typically don’t like to take advice from fans, but this is something that I really think you should consider. I know you use them every now and then, but it’s something that should be incorporated much more frequently.

    by Jon on January 9, 2022 4:46 pm | Reply

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