Lisa Scott - tied up in the red room

October 11, 2020

The awesome Lisa Scott is back after 5 years! Her hair is now red, and her boobs are much bigger! But she is still the bondage loving girl we tied up so long ago. Lisa is very tiny, so it’s easy to knot her up into a tight little package. This girl can handle some seriously large ballgags, even though she is small. We use a special 5-point harness gag to tie her head back, but Lisa is lucky enough to have those extra large tied boobs for support in a hogtie situation!

Lucy Lauren - reverse prayer and nipple clamps

October 04, 2020

Beautiful Lucy Lauren is a bondage loving girl! She is very flexible too, and she actually challenged us to tie her in a reverse prayer. Lucy loves a challenge! She was so happy when she was tied up, wriggling and talking about how great she felt with her hands all the way up between her shoulders. Until we brought out the big 2 inch ballgag. Lucy couldn’t talk anymore, but she drooled a lot. The nipple clamps were a surprise too, she hates them, but there was nothing she could do now… Struggling too hard only made her nipples hurt more!

Freya - chair tie challenge

September 27, 2020

Can Freya escape her chair tie? She is quite fierce! Let’s hope she doesn’t break the chair. She doesn’t like being gagged, so that might give her the motivation to break free. It’s just wrists and ankles! We love Freya when she gets angry, moaning against her gag, so we can pretend we can’t understand her. If looks could kill, her big eyes would be deadly! The problem with angry models is… when do we let them go? They actually don’t make it very appealing to approach them to untie the ropes. Not until Freya has cooled down a bit…

Polina and Nedda - box tie desperation

September 20, 2020

Box ties are easier for longer bondage times than elbow ties. But after a while, it can get really frustrating too! Polina and Nedda have been tied for a long time and they are ballgagged as well. They tried to comfort each other as well as they could, but when real desperation sets in, there’s no stopping it. Helpless, with their arms on their backs, the girls start crying. Polina first, and Nedda can’t help but cry too as she sees her friend’s tears. These cute teens should probably be released soon. But who first?

Nayomi Sharp - behind the scenes

September 13, 2020

Nayomi Sharp did a bondage shoot with us and we filmed some backstage footage! You can see her pose in the ropes, and see how the pictures in the picture set were made. Nayomi is not new to bondage, but it is always hard to move and change positions for a photo shoot when you’re tied up! She did a great job, and she looks amazing in black rope. Her tattoos and style really are a great match with this rope color!

Barbara - tied up in the basement

September 06, 2020

Big boobed Barbara loves a challenge, but when she can’t escape she will make a big scene. Too bad for her she couldn’t get out of this bondage, she was tied to a very heavy rack in the basement with her limbs tied in four directions. A ballgag was deep inside her mouth, and Barbara struggled wildly to get free. After a while, you can see she realizes she won’t be able to escape, and panic sets in. Sobbing and moaning, Barbara tired herself out. It’s really amazing to watch her transformation.

Nicky - feeling blue

August 30, 2020

Nicky is back for the third time! We have never seen more perfect boobs, and we just love to tie her up. She is spectacular! Gorgeous face, tieable body, Nicky has it all. Tied in blue ropes, she seems to get a bit angry about the ballgag. But that’s part of the bondage, can’t have a blue theme without a blue ballgag! Nicky angrily tries to get her arms out of the harness box tie, but she can’t seem to find the knots. Poor Nicky!

Edita - tied on the couch

August 23, 2020

Tieable.com comes to your house, so you don’t have to travel! Edita wanted to try some tied bondage to see if she could struggle her way out of the ropes. We tied her up right on her own couch! Gagged and tied, Edita was clearly not expecting bondage this tight. But she struggled the best she could, even though there was no hope of escaping. Don’t miss this wonderful wriggle!

Olga Cabaeva - drooly gymnastics

August 16, 2020

We tied Olga Cabaeva in yellow rope! She is so flexible and she loves a good struggle. But this time, we have a special harness gag for her: the ball has holes in it, making it extra drooly! As Olga is trying to struggle (and show off her gymnastics skills), she can’t help herself drooling all over the place. She had a lot of bondage fun, and she needed a towel and a big bottle of water after this shoot! Always great to shoot with this girl!

Azoe - chair escape challenge

August 09, 2020

We tied Azoe to a chair and told her to escape! She thought it was going to be easy, but in fact she didn’t get anywhere at all. Not even one knot or rope. The ballgag was making things harder for her, it was bigger than she expected and she doesn’t have much experience with gags. It’s great to see her try and struggle, Azoe did not escape but that’s even better of course! We don’t want girls to get out!

Lucy Lauren - tight arm bondage

August 02, 2020

Cute Lucy Lauren from the UK has done lots of bondage, she loves it! Let’s see if she can handle this tight arm bondage. There is no chance of escaping these ropes, but we know she will still try and struggle. A big gag makes her moan and drool as she curses the ropes (and the gag), trying to wriggle her way out. Of course, she can’t escape, but that makes it all the more fun to watch!

Ariel - tight gloved elbow bondage

July 26, 2020

Flexible busty Ariel is back and she is wearing some incredible lingerie! Sexy long gloves match her vintage style outfit perfectly. Now we just need to find a way to tie her, with no hope of escape. Ariel is capable of handling the tightest elbow bondage, so we just add a super strict rope to her gloved arms. It will be enough to keep her restrained, there simply is no way she can reach the knots. From the front, it looks like Ariel has no arms, that’s how tight it was. She struggles and struggles, but there’s no hope. She knows it, but she just loves struggling!

Polina - elbow tie hogtie

July 19, 2020

Cute redhead Polina is back for more! She always cries a little, but don’t worry, she told us that’s just her way of dealing with the ropes. She is actually fine, and she loves going into deep subspace when tied up. Polina is extremely flexible, so it is time to put her in a strict elbow tie hogtie! Watch her wriggle and suffer in the ropes, it was hard, but she really loved the challenge!

Minerva - lotus tie

July 12, 2020

Minerva really can’t get enough of rolling around in ropes! She is back for the fifth time, and this time we tie her in a lotus position, so she has to figure out how to struggle in this awkward tie. Minerva tries to find the knots with her hands, struggling on the bed. She soon rolls over on her back, leaving her VERY exposed to the camera. She smiles… it is awkward but exciting!

Arabella - breast bondage

July 05, 2020

Arabella! Whenever we see her, we just have to tie up her beautiful boobs! She’s one of the most perfect bondage models in the world! Arabella has it all: super flexible arms for tight elbow bondage, big tieable soft boobs, and a huge mouth that can fit the biggest ballgags. We are always so happy to shoot with Arabella, but she is not so happy about all of her bondage skills and features. It means she gets more rope, stricter bondage, and tougher struggles than most models. Well, it’s her own fault for being such a huge bondage talent!

Ashley - hoodie straitjacket

June 28, 2020

It’s very simple: Ashley is not happy about being tied and gagged. She struggles so hard! We don’t know why she is complaining so much. After all, we tied her in her favorite hoodie. Maybe she suddenly doesn’t like it anymore after we turned it into a straitjacket? We don’t know what the problem is.

New sub Roxy shows off her skills

June 21, 2020

We found this new submissive girl, who is going to be one of our resident models! She wants to experience lots of bondage and training. Roxy is so cheerful and open minded! Gorgeous girl, always smiling, and (it turns out) incredibly flexible! She can do tight elbow bondage, and she loves every minute of it! We are sure she is a winner, and she will do many more impressive things in the near future. She is available for custom shoots, and several of you already ordered a video with her! Roxy is amazing!

Welcoming Ally to our site!

June 14, 2020

Cute Ally wanted to try some bondage, so we dropped by to tie her up! She thought it was going to be an easy tie, but when we added the rope from her chest to her feet, she was surprised at how restrictive it was. She did enjoy a nice struggle on the couch, gagged and bound for the first time! We already got an email from Ally after we left, she wants to try more! We should definitely try a hogtie next!

Nura tied in front of the fireplace

June 07, 2020

So comfy! A big fire going, and a nice soft rug! Nura is happy to spend the rest of her afternoon here, right in front of the fireplace. She is tied up good, and she squirms a litte, but she doesn’t really want to escape anyway. Nura is gagged too. Maybe later we will blindfold her, so she can really enjoy her bondage time in this cozy setting!

Muzzle gag hogtie for Cassie

May 31, 2020

Tall young Cassie never ceases to amaze us with her incredible arm flexibility. The longest arms of any model AND the most flexible. She can actually do reverse elbow bondage (as you may have seen on this website and some other sites). Today, we tie those elbows again (of course), pulling them up so her arms are bent. Then it’s into a quick hogtie with her head tied back to her feet, by means of a muzzle harness gag! But don’t feel sorry for her, she is a real escape artist! Good thing it is impossible to completely escape a good tight elbow bondage!

Mistress Kristin - elbow bondage escape challenge

May 24, 2020

Kristin is tied up again! Remember when we tied her up and she got really angry, trying to hit us with a flogger? That’s because she is actually a dominatrix. Usually, it’s Kristin doing the ropework on other people. Now, we tied her elbows all the way together, we gagged her, and we bound her boobs! Will she be able to escape? She is an aggressive fighter! Who knows, she might get somewhere!

Cindy Dollar - extreme hogtie

May 17, 2020

Cindy Dollar is back and we have got a really nice challenge for her! Elbows together, wrists pulled up, hogtied to the top of her harness gag! That’s a very extreme position to hold! Cindy is a real trooper, she is flexible with huge boobs, which makes her a perfect bondage model. She usually doesn’t shoot much bondage, so it is even more impressive that she managed this position! She couldn’t move much, all she could do was moan and wriggle her butt a little. Don’t miss this great picture set and video!

Ariel - gorgeous body struggling in rope bondage

May 10, 2020

Ariel! Wow! She is so fit! One of our favorite bondage models, Ariel is flexible, she has huge boobs, and she can take big ballgags! We couldn’t ask for more, it’s always exciting to tie her up and watch her struggle. Ariel is not very experienced, but she likes a challenges, and every time we tie her she puts in a lot of energy and effort. Ariel moves around shaking her big boobs, trying to get out of the elbow bondage, but she’s not getting anywhere. The big gag looks so good on her! Don’t miss this video and picture set!

Nelly and Nina - duo reverse prayer

May 03, 2020

Wow, this was an awesome shoot! We have close friends Nelly and Nina who can BOTH do a reverse prayer! They thought it would be a nice challenge, but after a while it was getting really hard for these two collared girls. This is not an easy position! Desperate to help each other, Nelly and Nina move their bodies closer, using their mouth to pry at the ropes between their breasts. Unable to use their hands, they finally realize they have to wait to be released. Comforting each other is all they can do.

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