Katia - lady in red

October 24, 2021

Beautiful Katia has been published in all the big magazines, and we can see why: great slender body with long arms and legs and a stunning face! She seems fragile. Can she handle some ropes? Katia reckoned she could. So we tied this gorgeous playmate in red ropes to match her outfit. She didn’t expect to be hogtied! And she needed to go to her next shoot right after this, with big ropemarks on her wrists and ankles. We don’t know how that went down, but we hope Katia’s curiosity didn’t lose her a job!

Tamara - ropes are beautiful and frustrating

October 17, 2021

We tied such a nice shibari tie on Tamara’s awesome body! She was really happy with it at first, loving the diamond pattern, and the way it felt. But when we gagged her and told her we weren’t going to untie her for a while, she started moaning and wriggling. Suddenly, she didn’t like this bondage so much anymore!

Coxy - 'seriously?'

October 10, 2021

We challenged super sexy model Coxy to escape from some simple ropes. Just knees, ankles, and elbows! Not even her wrists are tied. Super simple right? Coxy was confident she would be able to get out very quickly. But then she realized it’s impossible to reach the elbow ropes. Being tied that tight is frustrating and she couldn’t believe we tricked her. Result: one very angry Coxy. Great fun to watch!

Adele - elbows tied in pink

October 03, 2021

New girl Adele wants to be a famous bondage model. Well, she is off to a good start! She appeared on various websites already, doing some hard challenges. We tied her up to see how flexible she is. Her elbows easily touch! Ok, Adele is going to be a big star if she wants to! Super cute and flexible, and a very submissive nature. She’s definitely a talent!

Lolly Anne - 2.75" gag and reverse prayer

September 26, 2021

Lolly Anne! She can take the largest gag we have, a whopping 2.75″ (70mm!!!) ballgag. Now that’s a big mouth! She can also do a reverse prayer, so what’s not to love. Well, for one thing… Lolly Anne herself doesn’t really love any of this. Not the reverse prayer, and especially not the fact that she always has to get the largest gags, just because she has such a large mouth. Well, it’s kind of her own fault. If it fits, we just have to do it. Sorry Lolly Anne!

Rosie Mot - exposed

September 19, 2021

Rosie Mot does have some incredible boobs! They are like missiles! Incredible. She likes to hide them, but we tied her asian dress in such a way that we can really enjoy a good view of those perfect breasts. Of course, Rosie tries to struggle and hide herself, but it’s obvious she can’t pull on her kimono enough to take our nice view away. Poor Rosie, all exposed for everyone to see!

Nora Sparkle - chair tied and gagged

September 12, 2021

Nora Sparkle! We just love tying her up, she has an amazing body and she is a real submissive… although sometimes a bit reluctant because she really doesn’t like big gags too much. At the creepy office, Nora is nude and tied to a chair, her awesome boobs are wrapped in rope. Of course, we strap a 2 inch red ball into her mouth, and Nora struggles wildly. It’s awesome to see her drool and wriggle, there is no chance for her to escape from the ropes. Nora Sparkle is a great bondage girl!!

Darina Nikitina - perky

September 05, 2021

Darina Nikitina is one of my favorite models to tie! Very flexible elbows and nice boobs! Today, she will be tied in black. Black rope, black tight string around her boobs, and an all-black ballgag. Darina’s boobs are super perky with this tight thin string wrapped around them! She struggles and moans but she is elbow tied so there’s no chance for her to escape. So nice to watch this perfect body wriggling in black ropes!

Olga Cabaeva - displayed

August 29, 2021

We built this platform just for Olga! She is going to be tied to it, her ankles will be tied to an overhead bar, and her arms will be in front of her. There’s no way to escape this, especially when we tie her harness gag to the bar as well. Olga wriggles and drools, but she is just stuck here, on display for everyone to see. Would you put this piece of art in your house? It’s a bit drooly but beautiful to look at!

Yasmine - tied boobs

August 22, 2021

Playmate Yasmine doesn’t like it when we tie her boobs. But they are so tieable! We convinced her to just let us do it one more time! She is so sultry and pouty when she is frustrated! With her arms in a box tie, there’s nothing she can do about her situation. Yasmine is gorgeous, but with tied boobs she looks even better!

Curvy Ra - exposed boobs tied and grabbed

August 15, 2021

Who can resist Curvy Ra’s boobs! We have tied them with rope and she doesn’t seem very happy about it, even though we have given her a nice crotchrope. We had to use a huge gag to stop her from complaining. Curvy Ra just looks spectacular in bondage! She is such a great struggler, as ropes and gags make her super angry. To annoy her even more, we grab her huge boobs a few times. Curvy Ra is so frustrated and exposed!

Aubrey wakes up tied to the cage

August 08, 2021

Aubrey wakes up tied on top of a cage! She is all stretched out and quite uncomfortable. She is very confused and tries to struggle but the ropes are holding down her waist, ankles, and wrists. It’s a very challenging position and she feels vulnerable. Let’s hope she can escape before her captor comes back!!

Camushii - purple struggle

August 01, 2021

Camushii loves cosplay outfits, but this shoot is a bit different! She has no outfit at all! The only thing she is wearing are purple ropes and she isn’t too happy about it. She struggles with all her might, and tries to say something, but she is gagged with a tight purple and blue ballgag. What a terrible situation! Let’s hope someone will rescue her soon!

Liz and Blondie - a strappado predicament

July 25, 2021

Liz Rainbow and Blondie Fesser are in a bit of a predicament today! It’s pretty complicated, but they have to stay on their toes because their crotch ropes are tied to the ceiling. The strappado ties put them off balance, and as they try to tip toe precariously toward the center to get some relief, they are making the other crotch rope tighter and the strappado higher. Now let’s see if they are really good friends and stay at equal distance from the center… or will they let their friend suffer to make it easier for themselves?

Katia - tied in the stables

July 18, 2021

Beautiful Katia was getting ready to go horse riding when she got captured. Now she is topless, collared, and tied in gold colored ropes! She isn’t very happy about this situation for many reasons. First of all, she is a real lady, not used to being treated like this. Also, the ropes are really inescapable and tight. And on top of all this, she can’t go horse riding like this!! Katia tries to give us the death stare, if looks could kill we would certainly be dead already. She is so angry!!

Dana tied and gagged on the bed

July 11, 2021

Russian girl Dana wanted to try some ropes! She is awesome, so easy going and fun to tie up. Dana really liked struggling on the bed, and she was already planning how to escape the ropes. But she isn’t really experienced enough yet to work out how to undo the knots with her fingers. A black shiny ballgag kept her mouth open. Later she said it was one of the most interesting helpless feelings she ever had!

Scarlett Hope in a tight hogtie

July 04, 2021

The beautiful Scarlett Hope is here to get tied up! She is very talented, her elbows easily touch and she has a nice back arch. Her arms are behind her back in tight ropes, secured to her body with a waist rope. She is also crotch roped! We ended up putting her in a tight hogtie with a rope tied to her harness gag! This girl is awesome, we would love to shoot more with her!!

Dina Ket - reverse prayer

June 27, 2021

New girl Dina Ket is slender! Will she be able to do a reverse prayer? She is so cute, doing her best to look perfect with her makeup and earrings and lingerie, when we just strapped a bit gag on her. It does go nicely with her earrings, we will admit. Dina managed a reverse prayer, as we hoped, and she was a bit confused. She had never been tied up like this before, it is a strange feeling! She started drooling and sticking out her tongue, but her struggles couldn’t get her free of the ropes holding her long arms in this extreme position!

Jasmin - pillar tied

June 20, 2021

Beautiful Jasmin is back! She is very flexible and she loves ropes! Remember her in our past updates? Always gorgeous and a very nice struggle. This time, Jasmin can’t struggle much though. She is tightly tied to a pillar, with a tight crotch rope and this rope does not have any stretch in it. She is very secure. All she can do is wait for someone to release her!

Valentina Bianco - extreme hogtie

June 13, 2021

Our talented Italian girl is back for another challenge! Valentina Bianco gets tied in a chicken wing hogtie, and it is not an easy one! Her head gets tied back from her harness gag to her elbows, and there is not much she can do except to try and hold this position. With her amazing flexibility, she can do elbow ties and back arches, so we always test her to the limit. In a way it’s not fair: models who are not this flexible are never tied up in these extreme hogties. It’s a skill and a curse for poor Valentina!

Lillith Sweet - more struggling

June 06, 2021

Lillith Sweet is in the basement, tied up and gagged. She thinks she can free herself this time, but it is harder than she thinks. Struggling and moaning, Lillith is on her knees, trying to escape the ropes. She hates gags, and she keeps thinking it will be the first thing she will remove when she gets a hand free. Unfortunately, she can’t get her hands out of the wrist tie. Frustrated, Lillith looks at the camera, begging to be untied.

Lara Tinelli - bamboo tie

May 30, 2021

We tied Latina babe Lara Tinelli in a complicated way. A bamboo pole was tied to her arms, one arm was up and the other one was down. It was our first attempt at this tie, and it was quite effective, but it probably could have been better. But it’s a nice little art piece, featuring the sexy Lara who was gagged with a huge chin strap ballgag for the occasion. She enjoyed this timeout quite a bit! This girl is very kinky and she loves to get tied up, so let’s hope we can get her back to test her a bit more!

Cindy Dollar hogtied on the rotating platform

May 23, 2021

Wouldn’t it be nice to study a hogtied girl from all angles? We put on of our top models, Cindy Dollar, on our new rotating platform. She is hogtied and her head is tied back to her ankles, using the D-ring on top of her harness gag. Cindy is such a trooper! She is elbow tied and arched, but she has some great boob support to hold this pose for a while. In fact, she was in it for a long time, as we had way too much fun spinning her around and around… Don’t miss this perfect hogtie display!

Mila Fox - chair tie

May 16, 2021

Just a simple chair tie for Mila Fox! You would think she can escape this, but unfortunately for her, she can’t. Which means she spent a lot of time sitting on a chair this afternoon. She was gagged and moaning, but she couldn’t escape the ropes. Maybe she just isn’t strong enough. Oh well, we just let her struggle for a while, see what she can do.

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