Sophia Smith - Elbow bound

September 18, 2016

She is so flexible! Remember her reverse prayer? Sophia Smith is back to get tied up some more, and this time we try making her elbows touch. Easy for Sophia, and we thought she would really enjoy it, but we did not know she hates ballgags. Sophia started struggling like mad to get the gag out of her mouth, but with her elbows tightly tied, there was no chance.

Melinda - rope tests

September 11, 2016

Melinda is a new girl, she wanted to try some rope bondage, but she didn’t know anything about it. She had never been tied before. We found out she was very flexible, so we tied her elbows together. Not a good idea, we frightened Melinda a bit with this extreme pose. It was very tight indeed! We had to let her out and start with a box tie progressed to a hogtie. Also not bad for a first time! But next time those elbows will be jammed together, Melinda! (let’s hope she doesn’t read this…)

Jenni C - overhead tie

September 04, 2016

Jenni C! Probably one of the most tieable girls in the world. So perfect. Blonde, blue eyes, tanned, perfect body shape. She needs to be tied up all the time!! Literally! We have tied her up numerous times, and she still comes back for more. We have used so many rope colors and positions on her, it’s hard to think of something original, but we found something: an overhead tie in black! A very awkward pose and Jenni wasn’t too happy about our choice. Oh well :) She will come back anyway.

Cobie - spread eagle neck rope

August 28, 2016

Cobie was so excited to do some rope bondage! She had been stuck in her chastity belt for days (read about it on ChastityBabes.com), and she was a little bored. Nothing gets her more excited than rope bondage! She wanted me to tie her spread eagle to the bed, and she even suggested adding a neck rope to make it a little more exciting! Cobie just loves bondage so much! It’s great to see her struggle, knowing she is really into it!

Katie Thornton - big boob hogtie

August 21, 2016

Poor Katie Thornton can not even rest her head for a minute! It is not fair, really. Other girls can put their head on the floor in a hogtie, but Katie’s boobs are so huge, her back is arched and she is a perfect little package, supported by her big breasts. Perfect pose, no escape, just a little wiggling. There are disadvantages to having huge boobs, and this is one of them. Katie will get very tired soon!

Melissa - Reverse prayer

August 14, 2016

The beautiful Melissa is back! And although we have worked with her many times, we did not even know she could do a reverse prayer! So when we found out, there was no way back for her, we needed to shoot this position! Melissa wasn’t getting out of this one! She could struggle all she wanted, a reverse prayer is inescapable!

Britney - Elbow bondage struggle

August 07, 2016

The awesome Britney is all legs! She is so tall, with endless legs and slender arms. With such a flexible beauty, we need just one rope to make her utterly helpless. And Britney hates elbow bondage (which is why we also need a ballgag in matching color). Watch her try and try to get out of this super tight elbow rope. It’s just impossible… and Britney gets more and more upset.

Jennifer - First time reverse prayer

July 31, 2016

When you find a super tall local flexible girl, you want to test her limits. We already know her elbows can go all the way together, but can she do a reverse prayer? There is only one way to find out! Funny thing is: Jennifer did not even know what a reverse prayer was, nor had she ever been in bondage before meeting us. She did really well!

Kayla Louise - Pink overload

July 24, 2016

The very tieable Kayla Louise is back again! We just love to tie her in a box tie which makes her boobs even perkier :) We let her struggle for a while before we hogtied her. Kayla is so cute when she is helpless!

Angelica - Naked spread eagle

July 17, 2016

So many request for more spread eagles! Meet Angelica from Germany. She is our guest for this week. We are treating her very well, as you can see. Angelica is on a nice bed, in a coxy room, no worries! Right?

Lizanne - Neck rope hogtie

July 10, 2016

Please welcome the beautiful Lizanne to Tieable.com! She is a tough one! A real life bondage lover, Lizanne can be tied in any position, and she will just love it! We start with a classic boxtie, but things got a lot harder for Lizanne when we put her in a hogtie and added a neck rope. She was straining to keep her head up to avoid getting choked by the rope. Very tough, but beautiful to watch! Don’t miss it!

Nadia White - hogtied by Nyssa

July 03, 2016

Nyssa Nevers was tied up on this website before, and now she is ready to take revenge! She will tie up her friend Nadia White in a tight hogtie and just leave her there to struggle! We did not know Nyssa was this mean! But she did a great job tying and gagging this busty girl, who is a real hard struggler! Lovely work!

Sylvie - hard elbow bondage

June 26, 2016

Every time we see Sylvie, we have to pinch ourselves a few times. Is this incredible fashion model really letting us tie her up? Her incredibly face and body are so awesome, it is hard to believe she would ask us (time after time) to tie her up REALLY tight! She is so flexible, we just HAVE to tie her elbows together. She loves it! Even gags are no problem for her! You will never see this beauty on other rope websites, so enjoy her struggling here (and don’t forget to watch the past updates with Sylvie)!!

Sophia Smith - reverse prayer

June 19, 2016

Sophia Smith can do a reverse prayer! She is so flexible! But at this moment she wished she wasn’t so flexible, because the flexible girls always have to do the hardest bondage positions. Tough luck for Sophia, who is getting really fed up with this super strict rope tie, but struggling in a reverse prayer is useless (and beautiful!). Don’t miss the video clip, Sophia is a gorgeous struggler!

Katie Thornton - spread eagle

June 12, 2016

You have requested it! And here it is! Katie Thornton spread eagled and boob bound. Imagine the things you would and could do if you found her like this in your bedroom! Katie Thornton, all helpless and spread out!

Jenni C punished

June 05, 2016

Jenni C was trying her very best to serve her master some tea in a ceremonial way, but she made a tiny mistake. Now she will have to spend the rest of the day in a box tie. How harsh!

Cobie - Harness gag struggle

May 29, 2016

For some reason, bondage model Cobie (from Australia) came to us wearing a chastity belt. And she told us she could not take it off as part of some deal with the good folks over at ChastityBabes.com. She had been wearing it for days! It looked very cool, so we did not have any problems with it. Nor did we mind that Cobie wanted to use her own harness gag. She is just so addicted to anything bondage!! It’s very easy to tie her up and she loves squirming and struggling, so needless to say we had a great time! Don’t forget to check out the other update in which Cobie tied up Megan!!

Britney - Spread eagle

May 22, 2016

Tall Spanish beauty Britney finds herself tied to the bed in pink ropes! Spread eagled, as requested by our members, with an extra waist rope for safety! Britney doesn’t like this vulnerable position, but she is ballgagged and can not really do anything! A great struggle!

Emma Green and Kaitlin Grey - blue and white

May 15, 2016

Big boobed page 3 models always seem to come in pairs! So that’s 4 boobs in one update! Emma Green and Kaitlin Grey already have colourful names, but we decided to use different colours on them. Blue and white, with matching tight ballgags! Well, we switched the gag colours for fun, but these girls really appreciated their new bras! Very supporting! And the gags? Well, gags don’t stop them from kissing! So much fun!

Sophie - green ropes

May 08, 2016

Aah these green hemp ropes are perfect for Sophie! She is so gorgeous, we just need to put her into a boxtie hogtie. Just to let this tall blonde beauty struggle for a while. A few hours or so. She doesn’t mind, we hope…

Davon Kim - perfect Asian slave

May 01, 2016

Davon Kim is so tieable!! She is the perfect size: super tiny! It is so great to tie her into a little parcel, easy to lift and carry by the rope grip on her back. A modest size ballgag is quite big for her, but she can handle it! Davon is hogtied with her legs spread, very vulnerable! This is so good, don’t miss it!

Jennifer - New rope talent

April 24, 2016

Jennifer from the Netherlands has got that special skill we are always looking for: her elbows touch without any effort! So we tied her up and left her to struggle, her first time in rope EVER! Wow, these Dutch girls are nice! And so tall!! Endless arms and flexible, that’s what we love to see! She will definitely be back for more!

Kayla Louise - Hogtied on the tennis court

April 17, 2016

Poor Kayla just wanted to play her tennis game! Nude of course, because she always plays tennis naked. After all, it is 40 degrees Celsius out here. But instead of getting to play her favorite game, she got to play OUR favorite game, which is rope bondage! A little harsh to leave her out in this heat, the court was so hot we had to put her on a pillow to prevent her from slowly roasting. After half an hour, Kayla really did not like us anymore. But we like Kayla, she looks so hot! Literally…

Megan - tied up by Cobie

April 10, 2016

We are very proud to have Cobie as our guest rigger today! She has been on this website as a model, all tied up in rope, but did you know she can rig too? She will tie up the gorgeous Megan in pink ropes! Such a hot scene, don’t miss this!! If you are wondering why Cobie is locked in a chastity belt, just head over to www.chastitybabes.com and read all about it!

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