Little Caprice - hogtie progession

December 09, 2018

The famous Little Caprice only gets tied up on this website! We are so honored she trusts us enough to do this kind of shoot! If you need a custom bondage video or picture set with Little Caprice, just email us, we can get her to do it, and make your dream come true! This time, Caprice is shown a hogtie progression. Locked in her metal collar, she looks confident at first, but when the tie progresses, she gets more and more concerned. She knows it’s too late when the hogtie is complete. Caprice can only struggle a bit, but she won’t go anywhere!

Maya - tight bed bondage

December 02, 2018

Cute Maya can take a big gag. And some tight bondage. Or at least, that is what we decided. Maya did not entirely agree, and after a while it got really tough for her. She is squirming and moaning on her bed, but there is no chance she can escape these tight ropes. Fun to watch, because it’s not easy for her. And that’s what we like!

Yasmine - elbow bondage hogtie

November 25, 2018

Sultry Yasmine is an exotic beauty with super flexibility. She is a one of a kind girl: into bondage and submission AND incredibly hot AND smart. Yasmine has been tied up by us so many times, and she keeps coming back for more. She is the only model who can do elbow bondage without any time limits, she can basically be tied with her elbows touching forever, there are no problems for her in this position at all. This makes her a very desired model for custom shoots, and many people have ordered custom videos with her. Do you want to order your own Yasmine video? No problem, just email us!

Nicky - perfect boobs

November 18, 2018

Rarely have we seen more perfect natural boobs than Nicky’s! We did not really notice this during her first shoot, because she was hogtied on the floor! But wow! Such perfection needs just a few ropes to accentuate and we can sit back and watch her vulnerable struggle. Please consider supporting this website by getting a membership, it is definitely worth it, we have models that are not doing bondage on any other website! Nicky is one of them, and she is a stunner!

Samantha Bentley - elbows tied

November 11, 2018

Gorgeous Samantha Bentley! She is flexible and she has a great body. Her elbows can be tied all the way together. This submissive girl was a bit surprised to feel this extreme tie, and she started to moan a little bit. We gagged her and watched her struggle in these white ropes. Lots of drooling as Samantha tries to come to terms with her extreme elbow bondage!

Liz Rainbow - blue rope

November 04, 2018

Our new model Liz Rainbow is pretty! And she is famous too (google her if you want). Always nice to be able to tie up a well known girl! The blue rope is super rigid on her upper body, there is not much room for wriggling, and her knees and ankles are tied too! Of course, we had to hogtie her in the end. Liz loved this shoot so much, she is already scheduled to come back for more!!

Sophia Smith - spreadeagle bondage

October 28, 2018

Cute Sophia Smith is tied on the bed in a very helpless position. There is literally nothing she can do. She actually loves being tied like this, and she told us it is certainly not the first time in her life she has been in a spreadeagle position. We are starting to wonder just how kinky this girl is! Her incredible body is all laid out for us, with her famous long legs in purple stockings! Sophia Smith only wears the highest quality lingerie, so gold rope was the only possible choice for this bondage. Watch Sophia all spread out and helpless in this great picture set and video!

Rosie - elbow bound cutie

October 21, 2018

Rosie was here before, long ago, and she never left our thoughts. Possibly the cutest girl we have ever seen, with her big eyes and mouth. She just needs to be tied up more! We finally got her back in ropes, and this time we tried tying her elbows all the way together. Not very easy for poor Rosie, but she did it! This is an impressive update, as Rosie was tied for quite a while for the picture set and the video. Her wrists aren’t even tied, but with some strategic rope on her elbows, there was nothing she could do to escape!

Vika hogtied

October 14, 2018

Cute teen Vika hogtied on the floor and ballgagged. Not a bad start for her, but we think she can do tighter bondage. Still, you have to remember these girls are not models, they just want to try it out of curiosity and it’s nice to go a little easy on them the first time. Vika said she loved it! She will probably be back for more!

Stella Cox - flexible arms

October 07, 2018

One of the cutest submissives in the world returns: Stella Cox! Young, big natural boobs, submissive and very much into bondage. She loves being tied. And she is very flexible! Her reverse prayer skills are great, and she can definitely touch the back of her head in this position. It is a pleasure to tie her up! We would love to keep her forever, and do bondage with her every day, but as you may know she is quite busy with other things on the internet :)

Katarina Hartlova is determined to free herself

September 30, 2018

We did a sloppy tie on Katarina Hartlova to see if she could get out. She does not like having her enormous boobs tied, so we figured if we did that anyway, she would be more motivated to escape. Roping her wrists to her upper arms was quite funny, seeing this big breasted girl flapping her arms like a chicken, her boobs all exposed and vulnerable. Do you think she got out?

Nelly does not like reverse prayers

September 23, 2018

Nelly. She will come over for some bondage, and at the same time she will complain when it’s too tight or too hard. We don’t know what she wants. Anyway, we felt like doing a reverse prayer so we just did it. And Nelly (of course) did not like it. She complained, but her face told us something different. Can you see it? We think she is just afraid to admit she likes the feeling of strict helplessness!!

Kate Anima - desk top elbow tie

September 16, 2018

Poor Kate Anima is tied up on a desk, with her elbows tightly bound together! A harness gag is strapped onto her face, and she can barely move. Her sounds are wonderful as she struggles and moans against the ropes that brutally hold her arms so tight.

Abigail - wrists crossed

September 09, 2018

Abigail is so beautiful in her stockings and suspenders. And so vulnerable! She tried to cover her boobs and crotch with her hands, so we had to find a way to get those fingers out of the way! A very high wrists crossed tie behind the back is a perfect solution to make any girl completely helpless! Abigail couldn’t move her arms at all, she could just wave her hands, but that was it. We finally get to admire her beauty from all sides, and Abigail can’t cover herself up anymore!

Ulysse - breast bound and harness gagged

September 02, 2018

Our French cutie Ulysse is back! After being displayed in quite a vulnerable way, we thought she would never come back again, but here she is: ready to get tied again! Her boobs are quite large and natural so of course they were perfect for some breast bondage. Ulysse thought that was a little bit strange, but there was not much she could do in her box tie, gagged with a harness ballgag. She struggled of course (she is a mad French girl) but she couldn’t get out of this.

Dani Divine - red and gold

August 26, 2018

After last week’s famous model, we thought it couldn’t get any better… but it did! We tied up legendary fetish model Dani Divine again! After being tied the first time, she really wanted to come back for more and do a stricter bondage. She tried elbow bondage for the first time in her life! Dani Divine in rope bondage is probably the best thing you’ll see on the internet today. It is very rare and very hot! Don’t miss this awesome picture set and video!

Evgenia Talanina in bondage!

August 19, 2018

One of the most incredible glamour models from Russia, Evgenia Talanina has an amazing figure! Great boobs and a perfect face! She is such a nice girl too! We might be the first ever to show her in bondage, and let’s hope it will not be the last time we get to tie her up. We love tying the most famous and perfect glamour girls, and Evgenia certainly is one of them! Enjoy this picture set and video!

Valentina Bianco - reverse prayer struggles

August 12, 2018

Tiny Italian model Valentina Bianco is very flexible. More flexible than she even knew! We tied her in a reverse prayer, and her hands go really high, she could easily touch her collar! But spending a long time in a reverse prayer is not what she wanted. So she tried to get out. A beautiful struggle with her hands pinned firmly in place! We just love reverse prayer struggles! So helpless!

Nyssa Nevers - bound and gagged

August 05, 2018

Bondage legend Nyssa Nevers made it all the way across the ocean to get tied up in Europe! She is a bondage queen! But there’s no reason to be gentle with her. In fact, with all her experience, she likes it tight and unescapable. A good harness box tie and a big gag is what Nyssa is used to. So that’s what she gets, even when she’s overseas! Hard struggling won’t get her anywhere, you would expect her to know this by now. She probably just likes to struggle and curse anyway, it’s Nyssa Nevers after all!

Cindy Dollar & Nicole Vice - double elbow tie!

July 29, 2018

Not one, but TWO girls who can be elbow tied in one update. That’s pretty rare! Whenever we have two girls, there’s always one who isn’t as flexible as the other. Cindy and Nicole are both flexible! They don’t have much experience in tight bondage though, so we went easy on them and let them help each other to escape. It’s a lot of fun as the girls are gagged too, so they had a hard time cooperating to get out of the rope!

Liane - gold rope

July 22, 2018

Beautiful tiny Liane joins our site to get tied up in a box tie hogtie! The gold rope looks incredible on her dark skin! She is also locked in a metal collar, as she wanted to feel really submissive for the day. We think she will be back for lots more, this girl really got into it! She may look very innocent and new to all of this, but we think she secretly has a lot of bondage experience! See for yourself!

Carry Cherry - a bit too much for her

July 15, 2018

We captured cute Carry Cherry! Well, actually she wanted to be captured. She asked if she could be tied up really tight so she couldn’t move at all! No problem, we just put her into a supertight hogtie with her hair tied back, so all she could do was roll around. A big ballgag isn’t easy with a hairtie pulling the neck back, so Carry soon was in trouble. The strain was getting too much for her and she started sobbing. Poor Carry! Be careful what you wish for!

Louise Red is back!

July 08, 2018

Louise Red is back for more! With a name like that, we just had to use red ropes! A more traditional style will suit her well, with some cool arm and leg ties for her to struggle in. The rope on her body connects to a crotch rope as well! That was a very interesting sensation for cute Louise, the more she struggled, the more she pulled on her crotch rope!

Darina Nikitina - incredible reverse prayer

July 01, 2018

Darina is back! She did some ultra tight elbow bondage when she was here before, and usually girls can do either elbow bondage OR reverse prayers. But not both. It’s a different kind of flexibility. Well, be amazed: Darina can do a reverse prayer! And a tight one! She must be one of the most awesome young bondage talents we have ever seen. It’s incredible what this girl can handle. She is one of the absolute best, and she definitely should have her own bondage website! Great gagged struggle too, don’t miss this!

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