Polina and Nedda - box tie desperation

Box ties are easier for longer bondage times than elbow ties. But after a while, it can get really frustrating too! Polina and Nedda have been tied for a long time and they are ballgagged as well. They tried to comfort each other as well as they could, but when real desperation sets in, there’s no stopping it. Helpless, with their arms on their backs, the girls start crying. Polina first, and Nedda can’t help but cry too as she sees her friend’s tears. These cute teens should probably be released soon. But who first?

Polina - elbow tie hogtie

Cute redhead Polina is back for more! She always cries a little, but don’t worry, she told us that’s just her way of dealing with the ropes. She is actually fine, and she loves going into deep subspace when tied up. Polina is extremely flexible, so it is time to put her in a strict elbow tie hogtie! Watch her wriggle and suffer in the ropes, it was hard, but she really loved the challenge!

Polina - reverse prayer challenge

Tiny Polina is tied in a reverse prayer, a challenging position. She thinks she can handle it at first, but then she starts to get tired. Ballgagged and sobbing, Polina tries to move her hands but they are pinned between her shoulders. She starts crying, desperate to get her arms out of those ropes. Poor Polina, she was not ready for this challenge! She needs a lot more practice!

Polina - endurance challenge

How long can Polina be tied on the table? With her elbows tied and a huge gag, you wouldn’t think she would last very long. But Polina is super tough! She doesn’t like to give up. Drooling and fighting, she tries to keep a nice posture by holding her head up. After a while, she really needs to let her head hang down for a few seconds. She is getting tired, but she is hanging in there!