Marianne - extreme elbow tie

Last time, Marianne handled the elbow tie so well, we decided to make it a little tighter today. More rope, tighter bondage, because Marianne had a bit of an attitude last time. She said she could handle more. Well, this time it was super tight and it was a lot harder for Marianne. No more attitude, she just tried to deal with her ropes the best she could. Poor Marianne, maybe she shouldn’t have asked for more!

Marianne - hogtied on the table

Marianne is a stunner! We tied her elbows and legs, and she was just looking at us like ‘come on, bring it’. Her posture and confidence are awesome, even when she is tied up! Soon, we had Marianne in a hogtie on the table, and even then she did not complain. She smiled and let us know she was doing fine. In fact, she was having lots of fun! Time for a ballgag then, so we could sit back and watch Marianne have some struggling fun. Not too much though, being hogtied on a table is nice, but you don’t want to get too crazy!