Captured Kerry - strappado

The awesome Captured Kerry is back for more rope! She gets a full body harness and a crotch rope in thin green rope. Her boobs are tied and her elbows are pulled together. This thin rope is harsh, but you know Kerry: she loves ultra tight bondage! Her arms are pulled up in a strappado and she gets gagged with a big white ballgag. Isn’t Kerry just the best?

Kerry elbow tied and double plugged

It’s amazing how much Kerry can deal with, she just loves bondage and wants as much as possible ALL day long, ALL the time! While doing a full chastity deal at ChastityBabes.com, locked for 4 days in a double plugged belt, chastity bra, and collar, Kerry decided that she wanted to do a rope bondage shoot! She is just incredible. And talented! We tied her arms all the way together in a tight elbow bondage, and let her struggle as much as she wanted. Kerry loved every second of it!

Kerry - harness gag chicken wing bondage

Kerry is one of the most submissive girls we have worked with. She would prefers bondage to freedom, carrying a pair of handcuffs around in case she feels the need to be restrained. Kerry does a lot of self bondage, but she likes it best when someone else ties her up, so she can not escape. And did we mention how perfect she looks in a harness ball gag?! Amazing girl, don’t miss this update!

Kerry - bondage talent

Scottish bondage talent Kerry has joined us! This flexible young girl loves bondage and she has done a lot of bondage shoots! The problem is: she loves escaping from ropes! So we have to tie her up in an extra secure hogtie to prevent her fingers from reaching any knots. It’s not easy to keep Kerry in bondage, but with her elbows together, we are quite sure she can’t escape. Or can she…?