Kate Anima

Kate Anima hogtied again

Kate Anima seems to get hogtied whenever we meet her. It’s her own fault for being such an awesome struggler! Kate pretends she hates being gagged and hogtied, and we love to watch her pretend. Her flexibility is so great, she can get nicely elbow tied, and she can arch quite far so we can easily tie her ankles to her wrists. This means Kate usually has to keep her head up, but that’s a good thing, because we love to see her ballgagged face as she writhes around in the ropes.

Kate Anima - desk top elbow tie

Poor Kate Anima is tied up on a desk, with her elbows tightly bound together! A harness gag is strapped onto her face, and she can barely move. Her sounds are wonderful as she struggles and moans against the ropes that brutally hold her arms so tight.